•He really doesn’t mind an introverted s/o. In fact, he’d honestly do better with one

•There’s nothing wrong with an extrovert who’s enthusiastic and open, but Shuuhei is more likely to appreciate someone calm who can relax with him, rather than someone who wants to be up and active all the time

•He’s a little shy too, so hopefully, their introverted nature would supplement that. He doesn’t have to worry about them flustering him too much

•However, that might not be completely true if they’re both quiet and meet long, awkward silences. Then it flusters Shuuhei, because he doesn’t know what to say or what to do, and his s/o probably won’t either. Lots of the time, he ends up sputtering something out like “So what do you wanna do today? If anything. We don’t have to do anything. What do you want to do?” That’s how he makes plans tbh

•He might at times be a little anxious because of that. He’d hope that even if they were introverted, they wouldn’t be afraid to talk to him or speak up if they wanted to. He’d try to encourage them, if possible. Communication is very important to Shuuhei

•Quite protective of them. He’s more than capable of speaking out, a little too brashly at that, when the time comes. So his s/o might find him sticking up for them even when it’s not solicited. Like if they’re out walking together and someone gives his s/o an unintentional, funny look (can be a complete accident too) Shuuhei just glares at them. He’s always concerned someone is going to mess with his s/o, he doesn’t know why