Itachi is alright with kids, he quite likes them if they’re relatively tame. But with his own baby he’s very cordial and likes playing peek-a-boo constantly. That’s his go-to, he gets so happy with his baby

Kisame just isn’t one for babies. He can tolerate kids who are old enough to think for themselves and behave, but they’re still brats to him. He wouldn’t be great with kids, not even his own

Sasori does not like children at all. He’s the type who will look at a baby crying and just go “You’re being incredibly annoying”. He’d be a bit more lenient with his kid, but he’s the type who doesn’t let them act like a fool in public. If they cry or throw tantrums, he’d get on them

Kakuzu also just does not like kids. Honestly the last thing he’d ever want to do is have a kid. He sees a baby and immediately he just thinks “You better not start crying”

Hidan hates kids too. Thinks they’re annoying and he wouldn’t know how to handle them. It’s best to keep babies away from Hidan

Konan is great with kids. Very caring and is the one that can get them to stop crying almost immediately just by holding them

Nagato likes kids but he doesn’t quite know how to take care of them. He’s extremely awkward. With his own baby, his s/o will have to encourage him and guide him

Deidara scares babies tbh. Like if they’re crying he gets in their face and is that “Why are you crying? What are you fussing about? Shut up” type, which just makes them cry harder. With his own baby, he’s still kind of like that. Fatherhood would be a chore to him 80% of the time. He’d take care of the baby, but he gets annoyed easily. And never expect him to change diapers

Obito would love kids. Always playing little games with them, can really keep babies occupied. With his own kid he’s a little more hesitant, like he’d be the type who’s super nervous about holding them for the first time, but once the nerves die down he’s super enthusiastic