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Tobirama Senju

•Whether or not he gives in entirely depends on his s/o. If they don’t push for the sex or suggest it, it probably won’t cross his mind. Well, it will cross his mind, but it won’t be that pressing of a matter. Overall, he’s good about keeping his urges under wraps

•If his s/o happens to be a bit suggestive or in general, if they do something that grabs Tobirama’s attention and riles him up, then it’s much more difficult to keep his urges at bay. Like he could literally just be looking at them, then his attention moves to their lips. And he might be like… they have really nice lips. And suddenly he’s thinking of things he shouldn’t, and he tries to shake it off

•If his s/o doesn’t make it clear they want to have sex before marriage then he probably won’t give in to the allurement, even if they’re that suggestive type ^^^ . Tobirama’s not going to push them into anything they don’t want to, even if his libido suffers because of it. But by the time they’re married and have sex he’ll just go at it, because he’s suppressed it for so long. Like his partner better be prepared for the wedding night, he’s wayyyyy too backed up 

•But, if there’s lots of tension, sexual or not, between him and his s/o, it’s probably going to be impossible for Tobirama to hold back. Like if they find themselves getting into little spats or in general, if they’re both a bit combative, Tobirama just gets too riled up and too sexually frustrated. Then there’s no way he can hold it in for so long. He spends lots of time quelling his urges and it’s so difficult, always bothering him. It probably leads to some very impromptu sex on the kitchen table or something