Levi Ackerman

•Levi basically puts their needs before his, even if he doesn’t show it all the time. Would gladly give them his food. Would gladly give up his blanket or clothes if they were cold

•Levi doesn’t have pet names. If anything, with his s/o, it’s names that are even more insulting than what he calls everyone else. Of course he’ll chill out if he can see it bothers them, but at the same time, he’d probably need a s/o who could handle it. “Idiot” “Dumbass” “Shithead”, all likely possibilities

•Does this thing where he pinches his s/o’s cheeks when they’re annoying him

•He’s an awful bed mate, like it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest with Levi. If you’re a blanket hog he’ll just tug the covers away from you completely because it pisses him off. But in reality, Levi’s just as much of a bed hog. He steals the covers a lot. He doesn’t notice and would never admit to it anyway

•Eating with Levi is also a disaster. Will reprimand you for your table manners every 10 seconds. Don’t chew loud, don’t lick your fingers, don’t make noises when you eat, wipe your mouth, etc

•It’s very difficult to get Levi jealous and his s/o would probably never realize it. When he acts out on his jealousy, it just seems like a normal Levi thing. He looks generally annoyed and grumpy, makes a snide little comment, tells his s/o to stop fucking around. If it’s someone in particular who’s making him jealous, Levi’s snide little comments will be direct at that person, either directly to their face or just disparaging them in private to his s/o

•In a Modern AU his basic idea of a date would be a movie night at his house or yours. He’ll get some food or take out too. He doesn’t like public dates so he’s much more comfortable in doors with his s/o. He might even be relaxed enough to cuddle if you pester him enough

•His demeanor might not welcome it, but communication is important to him. He doesn’t like it when things go unsaid, but he also won’t pry it out of his s/o, not immediately, at least. It takes a while for him to put his foot down and squeeze out the truth, specifically if he can tell it’s dampening their mood. When that happens, he does get a little aggressive and sharp in his questioning because it’s annoying that they won’t just come out with it. But if he can tell he’s scaring them and that it’s not doing any good to be so demanding, he calms down, and might even attempt to be cordial, because he really does want to know what’s going on with his s/o