ooooo angsty

Kakashi Hatake

•Kakashi definitely knows what it’s like losing a parent. Even if her parents deaths’ weren’t in the same context as his father’s, it’s all the same to Kakashi. Pain is pain, and if she’s going through even a fraction of what he did, he wants to make it better in any way that he can

•He’s very… slow around her at first. He tries to figure out a good way to approach her. He thinks about what he wanted when his father died, but he doesn’t really know if it’ll work for her and the last thing he wants is to assume too much, and possibly make it worse

•He’ll ultimately end up resorting to the actions speak louder then words route. Only speaking to comfort when it’s necessary. He does this thing where he rubs her shoulder a lot in passing, or kisses the top of her head

•If she needed him to be there, then he would, as often as possible. He’ll cancel a lot of meetings and jounin work (if he’s Hokage it’s going to be a bit more difficult but he’ll try)

•He holds her a lot when she really needs it, and for however long she needs it

•If her parents were killed in the line of duty and by other shinobi, Kakashi knows vengeance might be on her mind. So he always watches out for that. He wouldn’t want her doing anything rash like taking revenge on whatever enemy was responsible. He’d stop her if she tried, even if he knew she might hate him for it

Shikamaru Nara

•Shikamaru also knows what loss feels like, so he’s no stranger to grief. He’s not very good at comforting people, but he’d at least have an idea of what they were feeling, and would hope he could help her in any way he knew how

•Once he feels like she’s slowly recovering from the initial trauma, he might try to talk her through it. Shikamaru is good with his words, and less of an action man by default. But he also knows he needs to be careful, because he’s a little blunt sometimes and the smallest thing could set her off

•He’s the type who watches out for her, like warning other people before they come to see her that she might not be in the mood. Basically fending off any bothersome people or situations that will just make her disposition worse

•If they don’t already live together, then Shikamaru stays up late to be with her at her house, and wakes up super damn early every morning to go to her. He’d be with her 24/7 if possible

•If she’s too sore about her parents deaths’ to go visit their graves, Shikamaru will. He’ll take care of the graves, clean them, replace the flowers, bring offerings, all of that. Just until she’s ready to go herself, and he’ll of course accompany her in case she needs him there for support