Itachi would like to live alone, but if he had to share an apartment or dorm with anyone it would be Kisame (Shisui if he had the option). Itachi’s a Philosophy major? Idk. Something like that. Spends lots of time in the library though, he practically lives there. It’s his little sanctuary away from everything and he will glare if people are being too loud. He’s that guy. Don’t try him he doesn’t play around

Can’t quite pick a major for Kisame but you know he takes marine science ok. On the swim team too. Always gets invited to parties but he never goes unless Itachi goes with him, just so he has someone “decent” to tag along with

Sasori & Deidara are Art majors, of course. They branch off into particular areas, but having similar majors means they’re with each other a lot and Sasori hates it. Just hates it. People ask Sasori all the time whether or not he really hates Deidara or if their bickering and resentment is just friendly banter, and Sasori is like “No. I do not like him”. Lots of people buy Sasori’s art. Word of his little creations gets around campus and Sasori makes bank tbh. Deidara claims that’s useless to create art and give it to other people, but Deidara low key starts thinking like hey… maybe I should sell my art too. Because Deidara is honestly a broke bitch he spends all his food money in the first month because he’s too absorbed with other stuff to cook his own meals. Sasori is disgusted by fast food, and that’s a common topic for arguments. Especially since Deidara leaves his garbage everywhere

Kakuzu is a Finances or Economics of course? Begrudgingly shares an apartment or dorm with Hidan, claims it was a “financially driven” decision, anything to split the cost and save some $$$$. Kakuzu hates living with Hidan for many reasons, the main being that Hidan’s always doing ‘satanic rituals’ and it’s annoying to hear him ranting in his room at 3 am about Jashin and “whatever the fuck it is”, as Kakuzu explains to everyone else

Hidan might be one of the guys tabling out on campus and trying to convert people to Jashinism tbh. Then again, maybe he’s more private about it? Who knows. He’s interested in religious studies even if that’s not his major (I could see him as a Religious Studies major, but is that too cliche?) and he’s hoping to find a professor who actually gives a shit about Jashinism tbh. He’d go to their office hours every day

Konan joins some sort of student organization that gives people a voice around campus. Like the Senate or Student Council. She’s in lots of clubs too. Also head of the art club. That one girl on campus who will do everyone’s makeup before a big party. She’s famous around campus for the makeup skills tbh

Nagato is a Literature major? Anthropology? Something in Liberal Arts seems like his calling. He doesn’t get out much, mostly by his own discretion. He has friends, but he prefers being alone unless Konan insists he come hang out. Sometimes everyone surprises Nagato by heading to his dorm/apartment for designated “movie nights”, usually without asking him beforehand. They just crowd into his place and he’s like uhhhhh ok I guess

Obito… not quite sure what he’d major in. He’d probably be the type to change his major like three times. He just can’t decide. Bikes around campus. He figures it’s faster than walking, but he’s always late anyway because he stops to help old people ofc. Sleeps a lot in class. Very good at sports. Even if he doesn’t join the official school team, when he goes out to the gym to have a recreational game with friends, people are convinced he’s a pro. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, whatever. He’s a pro. Especially volleyball tbh. He’s got that spike that just flies past your face and you thank god it didn’t hit you because that shit was going at mach 7 speed like wow please imagine Obito playing volleyball