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Hisagi Shuuhei

•On anniversaries he likes small, simple occasions. He’s not one to spend a lot of time planning. He thinks making a big deal out of it kind of takes away from the meaning and sentiment behind it

•He’s hesitant to tell his friends about his relationship at first, mostly because he’s a pretty private guy when it comes down to it. Although, Shuuhei would like it if his friends insisted that he bring his s/o along whenever he went to hang out, he’d like feeling they were part of the squad

•Gets very flustered when it comes to the mere idea of affection. Anxiety builds up inside when he even thinks about holding his s/o’s hand or kissing them. And when his s/o returns the affection, even though he loves it, it catches him off guard and reeallllllyyy flusters him. It’ll take months and months of dating before he doesn’t tense up when his s/o kisses him

•There won’t be many arguments in the relationship, and with Shuuhei, they’re resolved pretty fast. He can be incredibly stubborn, but that attitude drops when he knows his s/o is upset about a fight they’ve had. He immediately comes back to apologize and make amends

•He doesn’t really have nicknames for his s/o, but the way he says their first name somehow sounds affectionate and cordial enough

•When he’s stressed, he just likes to lie down next to his s/o. Their presence relaxes him. No words need to be spoken, though he’ll vent if they encourage him