Shit I’m sooooo sorry for the little absence. I always told myself if I needed a short break I would make a post to keep you guys updated

In short, the political climate has been pretty turbulent of course, and it hit me harder than I expected? I meant to make a post but I also didn’t know how to put this into words since I hate addressing these sort of things. But basically yeah, I needed to clear my head a little. Also I’ve been fighting a bad illness for the last 3 months and I’ve been getting lots of appointments and medical shit out of the way. Basically it’s been a lil busy these last few days. I have tons of messages in the inbox inquiring after my little hiatus, sorry about not replying to those, I just haven’t been on tumblr at all. I appreciate those messages though, I half expected no one to realize I was absent lmao

but really mY BAD AHHHH. I’ll get out some imagines today/tomorrow, and I’ll also be opening the box very soon. Sorry for the mini hiatus and sorry for not letting y’all know what was going down. Hope everyone has been doing well though. Or at least decently well with what’s been going on :((((



@fuckinglovefandoms (why can’t I tag you??) DANG YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS OH MY BUT UHHH 

i will never ever say no to angsty tobirama smut or anything angsty with tobirama or even angry tobirama i just !!!!!! ((((((: any tobirama is good tobirama