So box will be opening at the following times on Sunday, November 20th:

11 – 11:10 am

5 – 5:10 pm

10 – 10:10 pm

Central time! 

(I know I had them open for 20 minutes last time but the box flooded with requests so I’m going to try 10 minutes lmao)

Headcanons and scenarios will be accepted this time, however…

for scenarios, I’m only gonna accept 3. I know that sucks but finals are coming up, my bad. Plus, I have one more to write from the previous scenario round. Now, because I open the box at different times, it won’t really be possible to go the “whatever scenarios come in first is what I’ll write” process like usual. Basically, I’ll take all the scenario requests that are sent in then use a random generator to pick 3. So it doesn’t matter how fast you send in your scenario request this time, there’s really no rush. But of course keep in mind, I get lots and lots of scenario requests, so I’d stick to sending in headcanons if you really want your request to be answered

Super complicated I know but y’all know me and my complicated procedures

as always, check my rules and masterposts while you’re thinking about what you want to request! It’s becoming a bit tedious to answer requests when I’ve already written something similar or the exact same, so pleaseeee check beforehand