The scenarios that were picked are: 

-hey i adore this blog almost as much as i adore hashirama. could you write a scenario of him going down on a female SO?? Ty ❤

-can you write if itachi were to get mad about an argument but then he comes back from a mission and you’re hurt and he feels guilty? Sorry if you don’t understand, I love your blog

-I don’t see a lot of Byakuya around but I love what you write about him? Coul you pretty please write a scenario about him getting a little jealous over his s/o?

thank you everyone for requesting! there were lots of good scenarios. and these seem like relatively easy scenarios to write so hopefully I’ll have the box open again soon and I promise to accept more next time

as for the scenarios that didn’t make it, there are about 44 of those lmao, so it would take a while to write/pick them all out among the mix of headcanons that I also received. I only have the scenarios numbered and not really written out on a list that I could post, if that makes sense…. so I haven’t really looked at all of them, only the ones that were picked. I guess if you really want to know if yours wasn’t picked (I assume you’re curious as to whether the request even came in or not?) you can message me and I can check for you?


these were sent in after the box was closed!