no, you’re fine!


•If it wasn’t planned, and he was strictly against having kids at the time, it would present a problem. He’d be angry of course, likely because he’s too busy to tend to a child, and he’d explain to his s/o that they’d have to be able to handle the child on their own for a while

•I can see Kabuto wanting children at the right time though. If he’s occupied with his job at the orphanage (since it’s around that time he’d probably be ready for kids)  it might take him a while to warm up to the idea, simply because he’d consider all the orphans as his own children, and he’d worry that having his own child would take away from that. But, it’s not that big of a deal in the long run. He’d probably want a family to call his own. So at this point, whether the child is a surprise or planned, he’d be quite happy 

•He’d try hard to stay calm, as not to appear overeager. He doesn’t think there’s much he can do anyway so early in the pregnancy. Otherwise he’d want to put a hand against their stomach and try to feel the baby. Maybe he can feel the chakra growing in there though? So that’s always exciting

•Let’s keep in mind, being a medical ninja, it’s highly possible Kabuto knew they were pregnant beforehand, even before they did. He notices the signs and changes. So it’ll be quite interesting to reverse the roles and surprising them with the fact they’re pregnant

•He may or may not cry. It definitely depends on what context we’re talking about when it comes to Kabuto. After all the wild shinobi world war shit was over, and he had his little orphanage deal going on, his sentiment for children is much stronger. Hearing that his s/o is going to have their baby might just bring him to tears, or at least his eyes get watery. Crying Kabuto is difficult to imagine, but it’s not unfathomable

•With his medical background, he’d be big on check ups and all the necessary procedures needed to keep up with his s/o’s health. One of the first things he’ll want to do after hearing about the pregnancy is have his s/o endure a thorough exam just to make certain everything is in order. He’s a little too careul with all that medical jazz

•He doesn’t really tell anyone else about the pregnancy. If asked, then of course he’ll be open about it. But otherwise, Kabuto would like to keep his family life private