Okay so I like Harry Potter but never read the books and know very little beyond the movies, so I had to rewatch one of the movies and research a shit load of stuff to get this. I still don’t understand most of it though lmao. This was super super tricky, sooo I hope it’s okay 

Itachi- Beech/Ebony/Cypress wood (they all seemed like Itachi to me?) Dragon heartstring core. Rigid flexibility. 12 inches

Kisame- Blackthorn wood. Dragon heartstring core. Quite bendy flexibility. 13 inches

Konan Adler wood. Unicorn hair core. Reasonably supple. 9 inches

Nagato- Cypress/Vine wood. Phoenix feather core. Surprisingly swishy. 9 inches

Hidan- Holly. Phoenix core. Hard flexibility. 11 inches

Kakuzu- Fir wood. Dragon heartstring core. Unyielding flexibility. 12.5 inches

Deidara- Dogwood/Holly. Phoenix feathers. Hard flexibility. 9 inches

Sasori- Cherry/Pine wood. Phoenix feathers. Rigid flexibility. 9.5 inches

Obito- Hawthorn wood. Dragon heartstring. Brittle flexibility. 11 inches