•Seeing it for the first time, Ichigo’s astonished and intimidated. He firstly focuses on trying to calm her down and figure out the problem so she’d stop because WOW she’s scary

•He’s going to need an explanation for the outburst right after he hopefully calms her down. If she confesses to having anger problems, then he’ll be a bit vexed, but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for Ichigo

•It’s only if she refuses to see her problem that he’s going to rethink the whole relationship. Ichigo can handle his s/o having a temper, but if it’s unsolicited and constant, and she doesn’t see the problem, Ichigo can’t really handle it 

•He’d try hard to calm her down whenever she blew up, but he gets tired of it after a while. He might feel a bit guilty too? Like if she were constantly blowing up on him, he’d feel as if it were his fault for instigating her

•But he does have a backbone, so a lot of the time Ichigo would scold her for lashing out so much 


•He has his own temper, but he doesn’t do that well with someone equally choleric. It would just be too easy to butt heads with her and they’d probably never be able to see eye to eye, and cool their tempers enough to really enjoy each other’s company. It’s just difficult

•So seeing her blow up for the first time is a wild ride. Toshiro is easily agitated, so when she loses it, he loses it. It’s just a bunch of arguing and they’ll go in circles for a while. At some point it’ll just turn into ridiculous squabbling that makes no sense whatsoever

If Once he calms down, he’ll likely scold her and ask her where this behavior even came from. It might twist into a really deep conversation about the whole thing. Toshiro just wants to know why she’s so angry. Possibly to avoid it in the future, but mostly because he wants an explanation

•If her anger problems cause infrequent tantrums then he might be able to deal with it. Otherwise, a temperamental s/o who’s always aggressive and just waiting to blow a fuse won’t sit well with him. You’d think it would make the relationship a little funny because he’s just as volatile, and it could be one of those endearing playful type of relationships, but it’s not fun for him


•He really can’t tolerate it. Having had his own issues with anger as a child, he recognizes it can be difficult to handle, but he also recognizes how unpleasant it is. The first time he sees his s/o blow up, Byakuya is astonished and rather displeased. It’s just so unsophisticated and unnecessary, he thinks

•He’ll definitely reprimand her and tell her how ridiculous her behavior is. The problem is, if she argues with him and persists with the temper, Byakuya might let his temper slip too. Which just entails a long, tense argument

•Out of any of these boys, Byakuya is the one who would find her temper to be a deal breaker in their relationship. He holds decorum very high as a Kuchiki, and having a s/o who threw tantrums and couldn’t keep her emotions in check would reflect badly on his reputation. Even if he really had feelings for her, it would be difficult to endure her personality 

•In an attempt to save the relationship, and save her from facing his own temper when he grew agitated with hers, he might try to help her manage the anger. Maybe detailing methods that helped him with his short fuse. If he can help her, he will. But if she’s obtuse and refuses to change her attitude, then it’s definitely going to present a problem