So I’m certain I’ve done dick headcanons for most of the Akatsuki minus the two below (I’m pretty sure at least, correct me if I’m wrong) so I’m gonna direct you to my masterpost so you can look for the others. I’d link for you but I’m lazy rn


•The height definitely contributes to the dick. It’s somewhere between 7 and 8 inches. Nice girth, but not too thick. Just a good thickness to match the length

•I won’t get into the dubiety of shark dick, but I’m certain his anatomy might be a bit different than a normal human’s so who knows what’s going on down there. But he probably doesn’t have many pubes, if at all

•His cum is probably different too. Maybe in texture or color. But I imagine he cums quite a lot

•Kisame isn’t more sensitive in one spot than others. You just have to stimulate him enough to really get him feeling it. And you’d have to press on his dick much harder with your hands or your tongue

•If he has veins, I’d say he has quite a lot. There’s no color to them, they just bulge out and give the dick a nice texture


•He’s not too small, but it’s not really big either. Medium to small, I’d say. 5.7 inches maybe??

•Not that girthy either. But the head is decently thick, and kind of arrow shaped

•He’s sensitive almost everywhere on his dick. Just has one of those really sensitive dicks. The underside down near the balls gets him the most though. It’s not necessarily that it feels good, but it makes him shiver if you lick there, so it obviously does something

•Has a little patch of pubes mostly around the base of his dick, and the carpet matches the drapes

•He doesn’t cum that much, and if he does, most of it is translucent, thin cum. Almost watery. Otherwise, normal cum for Nagato is pretty creamy. Tastes pretty nice though. 10/10 would swallow