•Kisame is more discomforted by flirting than he’s flattered by it. He’ll accept compliments, but if he can tell there’s more of a flirtatious undertone, he just… doesn’t like it. Specifically if it’s coming from someone he’s not interested in, or someone he finds unpleasant

•The flirting might be fun if it’s with someone he’s familiar with. Someone he can joke around with, and someone who might already be the subject of his teasing repartee. It’s much easier for Kisame to adapt to flirting then, because he enjoys the banter. You’ll only succeed in flirting with Kisame if he finds you mildly entertaining And of course, being attractive helps 

•If someone wanted to flirt with Kisame, they’d have to catch him in a good mood. Not that Kisame’s really the choleric type, since he’s usually decently tempered. But catching him off guard is not a good move. He’ll be a bit annoyed. Just start with casual conversation, maybe a joke or two, then he might ease into conversation

•The main goal is to gradually progress into the flirting. He’ll be able to tell someone’s trying to flirt with him regardless, but he’s less likely to resent it if you slowlllly work your way up to it. Someone who just randomly came to try and flirt with him would not find favorable results. He’s turned off by cockiness (to an extent, at least. sometimes he likes it) and someone who overconfidently attempted to flirt with him is just a no no

•As for insecurities, he does have some, but they’re latent, and not likely to be agitated by something as trivial as flirting. It’s only a possibility if he’s actually fond of whoever is flirting with him. Then he’s actually concerned with how it’s going to progress, and wants to make certain he doesn’t come off as too cold or too indifferent. He’d try to be smooth. And he’d likely to succeed, because Kisame has no problem keeping composure

•Mentioning his skin is a little risky, even if it’s someone he likes. He’ll probably assume that you’re making fun of him, though he’d never let on to that. He’d think it was silly of him to be defensive. But if he could sense you were genuinely complimenting him, he’d take that compliment quite well