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Kakashi Hatake

•So as mentioned, he’d definitely wait a long time after the shinobi war to confess. He doesn’t necessarily know what time is the right time. And he’ll prolong it for weeks until finally, he decides he can’t stand it anymore 

•Which means the confession won’t be rehearsed, and he’s unlikely to plan it so they’re in a private setting. It could be in private. Like maybe he invites her to walk with him through the village and takes her to a secluded area where he can confess. But otherwise, he just wants to get it over with. Doesn’t spend too much time planning because that would likely deter him from his goal

•He doesn’t make it sappy, doesn’t beat around the bush. He’ll just tell her how it is. Something along the lines of “So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not… but I’ve had feelings for you. For a long time, _____.”

•It’s not that he wouldn’t use the word love, but he’s hesitant to. If she remained silent and didn’t give him feedback, he’d continue on with his little impromptu speech. In which case, he might end up just telling her that yeah, he’s in love with her

•He looks so casual as he does it too. You might be able to pick out the signs of anxiety and uncertainty in his voice, but otherwise, he’s cool as a cucumber. Probably has his hands on his hips, or arms crossed. He looks right at her, doesn’t look away. Well, at least after he’s comfortable. At first, when he starts confessing, he’ll probably look everywhere but her, just to calm his nerves. But he’s not one to delay what needs to be said on account of his doubts. Again, he just wants to get it done. So he gets his shit together fast and retains a determined composure

•He’ll make sure to tell her that there’s no need to feel bad for him, and really, no need to say anything. He’d like feedback, but he knows it can just as easily complicate the situation rather than placate him

•By the end of it, he’ll probably apologize for ranting, apologize for keeping it from her for so long. And, apologize for possibly changing the way she sees him. Because that’s really not what he wants. But he understands if she doesn’t want to remain as his friend after the confession. It might work better for the both of them, he knows. Even if it’ll hurt him

•Maybe she’s silent, and looks quite astonished. It doesn’t necessarily discourage him, but he’ll take that as her answer. That she’s uncomfortable, and probably wants nothing to do with him anymore. He’ll wish her a good night and then start to walk off, but maybe she stops him, either by reaching out to him or calling his name

•He’ll be confused, but refuses to grasp onto any hope that maybe, just maybe, she didn’t want to cut her ties at all. And maybe she even felt the same way? Though Kakashi would doubt that, since he’s perceptive, and figures he would have caught on to her feelings beforehand 

•So when she accepts the feelings, and possibly reciprocates the confession, Kakashi is just at a loss for words. He’s elated, don’t get him wrong. But he’ll have to fight the denial and doubt that immediately flood him before he can snap back to reality and fully accept that situation. He won’t hug or kiss her or anything like that. Well, he might hug her if she initiates it. Almost any little physical intimacy that comes after the confession will have to be initiated by her. Otherwise, Kakashi’s too hesitant and too wrapped up in his relief to do anything