•So for starters, neither of the brothers are big on drinking, but they likely indulged the occasional cup (or two or three) of sake every once in a while. Asura gets very drunk and very fast. He basically skips over the tipsy phase

•Good luck dragging back to his house and into bed, because he’s going to want to sleep as soon as he feels the alcohol hit him. He’ll sleep anywhere. On the floor, in the bathroom, on the “soft grass” outside. Anywhere

•He’s a very friendly drunk. You might not notice a difference between his normal demeanor at first, but when he began slurring his words and trailing off into odd silences, you’d know he was losing it 

•Always hugging everyone? Never wants to let go either

•Probably ends up offering to pay for everyone’s drinks. Everyone at the entire bar. What a stupidly generous drunk

•He gets so hungry when he’s drunk. He doesn’t know why. He throws up if he eats too much but he still wants to keep eating 


•He finds alcohol unappealing, so he has to force himself to drink whenever the time comes. You can expect him to take one cup and no more than that 

•But, if by some miraculous miracle you get him to drink more, drunk Indra is wild. Kind of scary

•He can’t tell right from wrong. His version of right will probably be wrong, anyway. He’ll snap at people and think nothing about it. Say some mean, awful shit with no qualms. Indra has quite the temper when provoked, so it’s only expected that he might be an angry drunk

•He can also be the quiet drunk though, just to himself and not bothering anyone. Not wanting to be bothered by anyone. It’s probably best to leave him alone, or else he can shift into the angry drunk pretty fast. Just be cautious with Indra. He’s volatile

•He holds the alcohol pretty well though. No matter how much he drinks, he’ll never throw up. He doesn’t even work up a sweat with all the shit in his system. What a trooper