alright friends so as promised I’ll accept some MM imagines on Tuesday, the 29th

I don’t want to accept a lot though. Maybe 10-15? 

And because I have a limit on how many I’m going to accept, I gotta do that random generator shit that I’m sure you all hate. I know it might seem unfair, but I normally like opening the box multiple times in one day so everyone in different time zones gets the chance to request. However, I can’t really do that with these MM imagines. I suspect I’d fill the 10-15 quota in the first time slot so it would be pointless to open the box multiple times. So I’ll keep the box open all day on Tuesday, and at the end of the day, I’ll use a random generator to pick 15

also no scenarios! If the request you send in gives me enough to go off of, I’ll just try to make the headcanons a lot longer. Kind of a scenario summary?