I have to admit V is one of the characters I was never able to get a good grasp on, so my fam Admin Mar from @haikyuu-dream wrote these! 


  • Literally, the best partner you could ever have. He’s super thoughtful and respectful about everything? He will know when you’re happy, sad, angry, tired, when to give you space, when to give you a massage or comforting words.
  • If he has his vision back, you are very likely to split the chores. You don’t like washing the dishes but you like cooking? Perfect, he’s going to wash everything after eating. You don’t like taking out the trash? No problem, he’d gladly do it for you.
  • If he doesn’t have his vision back, he’s willing to help you in anything he’s able to, even if they’re small things. You’ll have to make him feel useful around the house; on the contrary, he’s likely to get in a sulked mood.
  • He’s a very organized person, like he has a schedule for almost every day? He always has space for you, obviously.  The weekends are an exception, he likes relaxing and doing whatever you both are in the mood for.
  • He likes inviting the other RFA members for lunch, dinner, or whatever. They’re like family for both of you, so those moments when all of you are together are very enjoyable.


  • If there is something sure, is that if you’re living with V it’s because both of you love each other lots, so the sex is going to be most of the time at a slow pace, his hands roaming all along your body.
  • He prefers a slow pace, trying to prolong the experience as much as he can. This does not mean he’s into orgasm denial, all the contrary. He’s willing to make you enjoy as much as he can, he doesn’t want to deny you a single ounce of pleasure.
  • He’s super gentle about anything he does to you? His touches, his kisses, everything is super sweet; he’ll leave you craving for more of his attention.
  • It’s likely that you initiate sexy times? He’s going to initiate too, but he prefers doing it when he’s sure you want it, nothing pushy around here.
  • He’s willing to try new things in bed if you’re interested? He won’t bring many things to try, but if you do, he’ll oblige more than happily. But, things he isn’t down to try, are the ones that involve any kind of degradation or physical pain.