ohhhhh shit

Obito and Kakashi would bump the same music all the time. Like Obito starts a lyric and Kakashi finishes it

Low key Temari

Even more low key, Shino

Killer Bee ofc. Ice Cube is his hero

Shisui. He really likes Childish Gambino and Drake (my friend and I have discussed this and decided he can do the hotline bling dance he 100% can and it’s gr8)

Naruto gets lit to anything that’s Kendrick

Shikamaru would like a selective group of songs, so he wouldn’t necessarily consider himself as the type who really likes rap in general. Just some of it. He’d probably like a few J. Cole songs and also Kid Cudi



Sai surprisingly. He might like a few random Eminem songs or something like that

Kagami Uchiha, like, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything about Kagami but I love him and yeah just want y’all to know he’d love rap music okay