Neji Hyuuga

•First off, Neji argued about a big wedding. He really didn’t want one, and the idea of a wedding in general was extremely bothersome. But all that irritation that built up over the few weeks leading to the wedding just dissolved when he saw his s/o on wedding day. Just knowing he was gonna be married to them was like… calming but exciting

•He’d honestly want to move away from the Hyuuga compound and take a small, modest house with his spouse away from most of the village commotion. He understands as a branch family member, it might be ill advised and even frowned upon for him to move away from the Hyuuga, but he’d still retain his loyalty. He just wants a little freedom and wouldn’t want his s/o (assuming they’re not a Hyuuga themselves) to feel stifled by his clan. Hopefully, his uncle would understand

•Neji takes anniversaries almost too seriously. You’d think such a hard-edged guy who opposed romance and what not would be averse to those things but nah. Neji takes marriage very seriously and he’s adamant about upholding marriage rituals. That doesn’t mean he’ll make it a special or fun anniversary, but he will kiss you sweetly in the morning and tell you happy anniversary, which is more than you can say for Neji on most days

•Fights with his spouse will be much more prevalent than just with a regular s/o. With his spouse, Neji is much more protective and much more adamant about his beliefs and views. He thinks that because you’re married to him, it’s only right that you would take in those beliefs and empathize with him. It’s a little traditional in a sense. He just thinks that because you’re married now, it’s only right that you really listen to him. And when you don’t, that’s when big arguments start

•Always has his hair down when he’s alone at home with his spouse. He also doesn’t mind if they touch it. He’s usually a little irritated when people try to play with his hair, but he’s more comfortable when he’s with his spouse. He wouldn’t say no to them brushing it out every night either. He secretly likes it, it’s so relaxing

•He doesn’t mind if his partner is a stay at home spouse. Although, he’d appreciate an active spouse who had their own responsibilities to take care of. But Neji wouldn’t at all mind coming home to his spouse every night waiting for him

•He was against PDA in the first place, but after he’s married, he’s even less inclined to consider it. He believes married couples shouldn’t have to reinstate their relationship through physical affection to make the public acknowledge them. Though, he does on occasion forget about that belief and put an arm around their waist or shoulder. Especially when he’s particularly happy about something, he can’t help it. He’ll do it inadvertently if his spouse is right next to him

•When they both have free days, Neji likes to just sit around the house with his s/o. There doesn’t have to be any commotion or any plans. He’ll just sit around and enjoy their company. Even if they’re across the room, he just likes knowing they’re with him

•He doesn’t have any pet names for them. It would probably just be their first name and that’s it