Kakashi Hatake

•Okay so idk if this is what you meant but the first thing I imagined was: Kakashi summoning up Pakkun to tell him about the pregnancy first of all. Pakkun is kind of like “okay congratulations that’s just what the world needs. A miniature you running around” but secretly he’s happy for Kakashi he won’t admit it though shhhhh keep it a secret

•ANYWAY Kakashi wants to know if there’s a new lil puppy in the ninken squad that he could possibly give to his baby as a gift. Or even better, if any of the lady doggies are expecting. How great would it be to find a puppy that’s born around the same time as his baby? 

•Kakashi just wants the puppy and his baby to bond like omg, how cute is it to get your own summoning animal from birth? Of course he’ll only introduce the puppy to his baby when his baby is old enough to handle a puppy. Only a few months down the road though so they don’t have to wait long. And during that time, Kakashi will have probably spent time with the pup and trained it a bit. Just the basics though. Pakkun will also be there to assist when possible

•One of Kakashi’s main goals is to teach the puppy to talk and learn his baby’s name. So cute

•And as soon as his baby is old enough, Kakashi teaches them summoning jutsu. He knows they’ll probably only use it to summon the puppy and play with it in the beginning, which is fine by him. It’s only natural. But he’d gradually teach them how to fight together and strengthen their bond

•But UGH picture how happy Kakashi would be just wow omg. It would be so cute. Like when his baby is still a little toddler, he’ll have the puppy around as much as possible. Imagine the baby and the puppy falling asleep together like snuggling up to each other oh my god Kakashi would die