Jumin: He presents it just as eloquently as you’d imagine. Probably over a nice dinner. He’ll have warned her beforehand that they had something important to discuss that night, so it’s no surprise when he starts out with “This is something I have been considering for quite a while” It’s not completely formal though, he puts emotion into his proposal to convey how serious he is. Something like “Starting a family was never of interest to me. But having a family with you is what I want.”

Zen: He’s likely to bring it up in the bedroom tbh. After some nice love making he just flops back onto the bed and pants out “You should have my babies, _____.” And she’d probably think he just said it in the heat of the moment, and reply with a “That’s so sudden, Zen” but he really means it. And he’ll keep bringing it up until they actually have a meaningful conversation about it. It’s little things here and there, like they see some random kid and he’s like “You see that little kid there? I think that’s what our kid would look like. Maybe with my hair though. Or maybe yours?”

Yoosung: Little timid Yoosung omg he would be soooo nervous. Assuming they’ve never spoken about kids before, he just assumes she’s going to turn him down and that it might possibly upset her. But he’d bring it up randomly one day when he couldn’t hold back any longer. Just something simple like “_____, what do you think about kids?”

Seven: He’ll present it in a trademark Seven way. But inwardly, he’s extremely nervous. He might want to wait until they were married to have children, but the idea would take root far before that. It’ll probably be while they’re snuggling with each other in bed one night and he kind of jokes about it, something like “You know that extra room down the hall? It’s kind of spacious, isn’t it? We should turn it into a nursery. We can get all kinds of stuffed animals and throw them in there… And toys too. I can even build toys! You think our kid would like that?… I think we should have some kids… what do you say we get started now?”

V: He brings it up casually, so that he gets his intent across but also, making certain he doesn’t push it onto her. He’ll just mention how the idea of having a family sounds nice, and will ask her what she thinks about it, mostly wanting to hear what she has to say before he tries to convince her