Madara Uchiha

•So when you get to his house (arriving in a car he sent for you ofc) undoubtedly nervous because hey, it’s the first time you’re meeting your sugar daddy of course you’re going to be nervous—his smooth demeanor might relax you

•He could live in a really nice house/mansion with attendants and servants and all that jazz, but he probably prefers living alone in a nice ass loft. He gives you that suave and sexy impression the minute he answers the door. The entirety of his luxurious lifestyle might intimidate you, but he’ll try to ease you into it. The deluxe loft, the decorations—he probably has paintings or pieces of art that just scream “I cost more than your yearly salary don’t even touch me”—even the suit he’s wearing will look ridiculously posh. He attempts some small talk just to ease you into the atmosphere, being flirtatious only when he sees the opportunity. He’ll show you around his place then offer you a drink, maybe see if you’re hungry

•It’s when you two have been drinking for a while that you’ll relax, and hopefully open up to him. That way you two can actually have a conversation. If you’re his sugar baby, he actually likes you, because he wouldn’t be funding someone he found unpleasant. So he’s curious about you, interested in whatever you have to say. He wants to get to know you and will ask about your life. At least, beyond what he already knows from texting you/messaging you through whatever website or app you found each other on. or something. Or who knows, maybe you actually met each other at a bar WHO KNOWS. There are so many ways daddy Madara can seek you out

•Also a quick note about sugar daddy Madara: he’s a little shit. He’d tease you with a shit load of money. He’ll show you his bank account, his expensive car, send you a photo of him holding a giant wad of cash. But then he’ll tell you he’s not going to give you one penny until you meet him in person and ‘seal your end of the bargain’. In other words, ‘come get on this dick if you want the money’

•I mean, Madara understands that’s not entirely fair. You can’t be expected to just trust him off the bat. So he’ll give you a couple hundred to start off with, but if you want more, you have to do your part

•So he’ll probably bring that up and tease you about it, which is where the flirtation turns into seduction pretty fast. Something about “What? You don’t want your money first? Perhaps you’re not as greedy as I anticipated. I’m disappointed, _____.” 

•He has no problem approaching you whenever he wants, but he’d take it slow by inching closer to you throughout the evening, until he could snake an arm around your waist and get close enough to whisper sweet nothings into your ear

•The good stuff starts when he invites you to bathe heheh. He’ll draw a bath for you and tell you to get in. If you play coy and tell him not to look as you undress, he’ll entertain you (even if you’ve sent him nudes or something) because hey, he can play games for a while. At least until he gets impatient

•But until that time comes, he’ll make sure there are extra bubbles in there so it “hides” you, if you’re still adamant that he not look. He’ll pour you a bottle of champagne or something fancy like that, maybe play with your hair a little. He’s doing it to relax you, but it’s obvious he’s tryna get a little saucy

•And when he can’t hold back anymore, he offers to wash your body. He’ll roll his sleeves up, slip his hands under the water, and slowly caress you, starting out in relatively innocent places. Maybe your arms and legs, your back. But sooner or later he’s moving closer and closer to your inner thighs until he finds what he’s looking for

•He’ll massage you for a while, finger you if he’s pleased with the moans spilling from your lips. Then he’ll lean down to kiss you, bite at your lips, slip his tongue in your mouth when you let him. At some point, it’s getting a little too heated for him to hold back, and he picks you up out of the bath, wraps you in a robe, and leads you to the bedroom

•Without going into too many saucy specifics, he spends lots of time exploring your body at first, but of course he doesn’t have the patience to keep it up. The moment you get a little bold and try to one-up him, whether that be biting his lip, grabbing at his clothed erection, even looking at him in a salacious way, he’s taking you hard and rough

•And by the way, Madara’s the type to sex you up so good that you think you might forgo on the sugar baby pay and take more dick instead

•The next morning he brings you breakfast in bed. Also, walk around in his shirt for a while (if you can walk tbh). He loves that. It’ll rile him up though, so you can promptly expect an early morning round 2