do y’all wanna see what I wrote when I took adderall last night

under the cut omg

I feel as though everyone in Naruto would have very bad teeth/breath. like awful dental hygiene. Think about the shit that is coming out of these people’s mouths. 1. dirt/mud? Whenever people do that nasty earth style shit like hIRUZE HIRUZEN SATRUBOBI IN THE FIRST SERIES when he’s fighting daddy senju and he spits out that mud wall like that is so gross where did it come from? Did it stain his teeth? He obviously didn’t brush his teeth afterward because dude fucking died so like they probably buried him while he had nasty stained teeth. r.i.p to you and your soily teeth hiruzen i miss you 

2. fire style? Idk where they’re getting this gas for fire style. You know when they do fire style and it looks like there’s a little gas coming out of their mouth that like ignites the flame like okay?? so they’re blowing out gas wouldn’t that make your breath smell like ass juice??? And y’all gonna tell me they don’t burn their lips. You gonna tell me everyone person who uses fire style hasn’t burned their lips and their burns aren’t nasty. Can you imagine Uchiha walking around with CRUSTY ASS LIPS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS SO DRY FROM FIRE STYLE FUCK

3. Water style. Now this seems relatively simple to comprehend but I DON’T and let me tell you why. When Kisame uses water style is it fresh water or salt water. Did they ever talk about this in the series. Bc kismet FUCK WHO IS KISMET???? KISAME* is a giant shark so that one time he was fucking up team gai and he used that big ass water style and he was swimming around in it like okay: so if he’s swimming in it it must be salt water right? Unless ol boy can swim in fresh water too but that’s fucking dumb sharks live in salt water. unless he’s a bull shark don’t they swim in fresh water but he strikes me as a great white type. He has the great white charm to him. anyway so it’s salt water okay??? so everyone using suiton is gonna get salt water all in their mouths and it must taste nasty AND AND AND doesn’t salt water make you delirious?? So you’re gonna tell me people like tobirama were using water style all the time and it was salty salt water and they had to have accidentally drunk some of it at some point so can you imagine tobirama accidentally gulping down somee salt water and he’s just have hallucinations out on missions bc too much salt water??? is that possible??? fuck me. also SAME PROBLEM WITH SALTY WATER STYLE AND THE CRUSTY LIPS????? YOU GET DRIED SALT WATER ON YOUR LIPS AND IT’S GONNA DRY UP YA LIPS. TOBIRAMA WALKING AROUND WITH CRUSTY ASS CONSTANTLY DRY LIPS HE’S GOTTA LICK HIS LIPS TO WET THEM EVERY 234 SECONDS LIKE



4. idk wind style is cool

5. idk lightning style is cool too 

6. ????????

7. actually back to wind style

4. If you don’t brush your teeth and your breath smells like ass and you blow wind style at someone are they gonna smell your booty breath? Wind Style booty breath no jutsu!!!!! I mean I’ve also never seen a wind style where you like blow at your enemies (hahahah blow. blow no jutsu. that would be my jutsu i’d blow madara and tobirama that would be my speciality jutsu. my KEKKEI GENKAI) i mean you could also have really nice breath like you just brushed your teeth and you blow some wind style at someone and they stop like “is that spearmint I smell? Niceeeeeee. You can go ahead and kill me dog, your breath smile nice as shit. You deserve the win. Go head.”

I guess this could work with fire style too 

I feel like I wouldn’t wanna kiss anyone in Naruto. too many jutsu that fuck up their mouth

FUCK I’M WATCHING GAME FO THRONES AND THEY JUST STABBED JON SNOW OVER AND OVER ODN OCER AGAIN I CRY EVERY TIME I WATCH IT bruh but I bet Jon snow wouldn’t let Naruto jutsu make his breath smell I bet he smells good like winter fresh HAH winter hadhxkj I’m so glad they used reanimation jutsu on Jon Snow I’m glad he’s back thank you Tobirama for invinting edo tensei thankssss