•Automatically, Itachi loses a lot of respect for them. However, he tries to use that as an excuse to mask his heartache. He’s practical, and apathetic when he needs to be. And he’ll try to be apathetic in this situation too. Basically, Itachi’s first instinct is not to let it get to him. He’d rather take a logical route than let his emotions get the better of him

•That’s not to say they won’t. At some point, it’s inevitable. It’ll slip through the cracks the moment he confronts them, starting off with a “Why, _____? Why would you do this?”

•A lot of it is just inquiring on the situation. It’s the best closure he can get. He’d want to know how long they had been engrossed with this other person. And if it was a long time, why had they led him on for so long? Why not end the relationship as soon as they realized they didn’t hold the same feelings for him anymore? 

•Itachi wouldn’t demand to know who the person was. He might ask “Do I know them?” And if the answer is no, he doesn’t pry. It would probably do him no good to know 

•He won’t beg them to stay either. He knows it’s futile at this point, and doesn’t see the point in damaging his pride

•The most he’d do is say something along the lines of “And you’re certain… that you’re going to be happy with them?” That’s really the most sentiment you’d see out of him. Internally, he’s probably swirling with anger and frustration and confusion, but it’s difficult for him to let that show

•He’ll move on like nothing happened. At least, that’s how it’s going to appear. Itachi will focus on ANBU duties to get his mind off of it. But it’s going to be difficult if he sees his ex in the village, especially with the person they left him for. But Itachi doesn’t act out on feelings of jealousy or betrayal. He just won’t pay them any attention. It’s almost unsettling how little reactions he gives 


•He’ll be confused and lost at first, not understanding where this is coming from. Even if he noticed his s/o was growing distant, he wouldn’t have guessed that it was because they found someone else 

•Shisui tries to keep his temper in check, but he probably can’t. Not at first. His initial reaction is to yell at them. Probably just a “What do you mean there’s someone else?! Who!?”

•Shisui is more likely to want to know who the person is. Not necessarily to seek revenge, but because he just has to know. If he doesn’t, it’s going to eat at him

•He’ll probably ask what pushed them to do it, and if it was his fault. Whether they tell him that yes it was his fault, or they say it had nothing to do with him—neither answer makes Shisui feel any better. To know he ruined the relationship would be awful, but to know that they made the decision on their own, like he never mattered in the first place, is just as bad

•He composes himself at some point. Shisui is a shinobi, and knows when he needs to keep his emotions in check. Rather than running in circles through an argument, he’ll tell them that they should just “Do whatever they want” 

•It’s petty, in a way. But it’s Shisui’s only way of venting his frustration and heartache without completely admonishing them. Which isn’t something he wants to do

•But Shisui is the type who stays petty for quite some time. If he sees his ex in public he just stares at them. If they notice, he still won’t look away. He’ll only give them a relatively dirty look if their new s/o is with them 


•MY POOR BABY how could anyone do this to Hashirama I just don’t understandddd. But okay. Hashirama will plead and plead with them not to end it, though he knows there’s little he can do if they really want to be with someone else

•Immediately, Hashirama will blame himself. He’s convinced he pushed them away, and that he was unable to offer them what they really needed. He’d tell them this too, promising that whatever he did, he would try to fix it

•If they didn’t listen, he’d regretfully let them go. Above all else, Hashirama wants them to be happy. Even if it’s not with him, and even if it’s going to hurt him, he knows forcing them to stay would serve no benefit. What good would it do to continue the relationship knowing that they didn’t want to be with him anymore? That would hurt just as much, Hashi knows 

•Because he blames himself, he’ll want to know what he did wrong. He doesn’t know why. He knows it’s only going to make it worse. He knows he’s only adding salt to the wounds. If they do say it’s his fault, and they give him reasons, he’ll listen in somber silence. It’s only after he’s taken it all in that he’ll try to apologize. They broke his heart, but he feels like he at least owes them an apology

•That’s how Hashirama has always been—taking the burden onto himself even if he doesn’t need to. He knows that his s/o leaving him for someone else is pretty shitty. Most people would think so. But somehow, he can’t find it in him to resent them for it

•He may or may not cry. It’s not going to be ugly, dramatic bawling or anything like that. But while he listens to them explain that they’re leaving him, and why they’re leaving him, he might let a tear or two slip. Out of sorrow of course, but also, listening to them list all his wrongdoings just breaks his heart too. He feels so guilty

•He’s the type who might stay in contact with his s/o. Only if they were comfortable with it though. He knows it won’t be the same, and he knows he has to set boundaries so as not to hurt himself, or them. It would hurt him just as much to cut contact completely though. His decision is not a healthy one, but that’s just the way he’d do it