I assumed these were headcanons since I wasn’t accepting scenarios when this was sent in


•Hashirama is very wary when it comes to makeup sex. It doesn’t feel right to him. He thinks no dilemma should go unresolved, and the idea of mediating the problem with sex just flusters him a little. So makeup sex would be a sort of surplus to a problem they’ve already solved. Kind of like a ‘I know we had a misunderstanding and I’m glad we’ve gotten over it so let’s celebrate with emotional sex!’ type of deal

•But Hashirama takes emotional sex to the next level. You can see it in his expression, all the passion and heat and maybe even remorse—remorse that the fight ever happened in the first place. After all, problems won’t come often when you’re in a relationship with Hashirama. So he’s going to want to make up for any dilemma, no matter how small, the best he can

•He’ll be almost annoyingly gentle for the majority of the time though, mostly because he’s feeling a bit hesitant. He’ll wonder whether she’s still upset about the whole situation, and is too ridded with guilt to really go all out. It’s only when she starts moaning or he can feel her body tightening around him that he can’t hold back

•His strokes are still slow, but they get in nice and deep when he really wants to get her going

•His hands wander everywhere on her. He particularly likes cupping and massaging her breasts, and dipping down to lick at them

•When he finally makes her cum, he’s so overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. Enough so that he might not even worry about finding his own orgasm. He’ll just pull out and lie next to her, bring her in close and give her soft, lazy kisses until he falls asleep


•Make up sex for Madara is less of making reparations and more of venting out his anger. So it’s going to be rough. Incredibly rough. Biting, maybe choking, digging his nails into her skin—the works

•He’s unlikely to offer an apology for any of it either. He thinks she should’ve anticipated how rough he’d be, and that he wasn’t going to so easily let go of whatever argument/altercation they had previously

•If anything, he’ll try to make her apologize. Madara understands he has to be fair, so if it was really his fault and he completely understood that, he’d tone down on the aggression. But if he has any reason at all to believe that she’s the one at fault, he’ll try to coax an apology out of her by teasing her 

•Which means there’s heavy orgasm denial. As soon as she starts tightening up around him, he pulls out, teases her clit with the head of his cock, and tells her he won’t continue unless she gives in. He’ll say something along the lines of ‘Why should I let you cum? What have you done to deserve it?’ 

•He’ll keep fucking her even after she has a hard orgasm too, since he knows her body will be overly sensitive. He wants to get her writhing and shaking underneath him, maybe even beg him to stop. It’s his own little way of disciplining her, and he’ll even tell her that too: “Maybe next time you’ll think twice before you talk back to me, _____”

•Despite all of this, if he deeply cares for his s/o, then he has it in him to be doting after the makeup sex. He’ll hold her close, but might be hesitant to say anything because he knows he was rough, and he’s certain he’ll just instigate another argument if he attempts a half-assed apology


•He’s definitely the type to indulge in make up sex. However, he doesn’t really like it. He thinks it’s wrong to rely on sex in a relationship to fix problems. But hey, it works. He’d much rather solve it through words, but he knows he’s harsh, and that might make it worse. So yeah, he’d turn to make up sex if it came down to it

•In fact, there are times he just skips over a lengthy apology and goes right to sex, specifically if he’s fucked up bad and he knows it. His s/o can expect him to go down on her in lieu of an apology 80% of the time. Eating his partner out is pretty much his way of going yeah I know I fucked up so let me make you cum and hopefully you won’t hate me as much

•He gets a little rough if tension is still high. He has to vent out the frustration somehow. It’s mostly in the form of harder and deeper thrusts, though he’s not opposed to taking her arms and pinning them at her sides or above her head

•Unusual for Tobirama—since he’s relatively prude and doesn’t often get this riled up—he will ‘dirty talk’ if he sees the opportunity. His form of dirty talk is mostly bringing up points she made in their previous argument (assuming it was an argument). For example, if in the heat of the moment she whimpers out an “I love you Tobirama”, he’ll respond by whispering right against her ear, “Oh? I thought you said you hated me”

•It’s less of him antagonizing, and more like he’s actually seeking assurance that she doesn’t resent him, and that despite whatever fight they had, they can still make it work