•A relationship with his student/former student will probably come about in a gradual, simple way. Like inviting her out to tea, hiding it under the impression that he just “wants to get to know her like a good sensei should”. Besides, Hashirama is congenial with all his students. The type to invite them over to his house for dinner and all that. So it won’t be relatively difficult to see her outside of a teacher-student environment, which makes it even easier to fall in love with her if he sees her so often

•Age has never really been a problem for Hashirama unless it was bordering the ‘minor’ problem. But 21 is fine. If we know anything about the warring states era, it’s that people didn’t live long. So 21 is a relatively normal age. I guess it just depends on how old Hashirama is, but either way, he doesn’t really think about age unless problems arise

•For example, they might not see eye-to-eye on certain subjects if he’s a lot older. It’s just a generation gap sort of problem. It’s easy for Hashirama to get over it though

•Problems will also arise when people ask him the inevitable question: Why are you dating your student? Hashirama isn’t combative, but he does get defensive, if only to make certain her name isn’t being dragged in the mud. He’ll just explain that they’re very close and it just sort of… happened

•It’s not so bad if she’s his former student. It gets rid of the problems that could arise out of dating a current student. Hashirama would feel guilty for gravitating toward one of his students, if he had any. He wouldn’t want the others to feel marginalized. And Hashirama wouldn’t be able to stop himself from doting his s/o a little too much, so he knows favoritism will come into play. It just worries him

•Hashirama might even need reassurance from her that she’s okay with his age. He’ll get doubts sometimes about whether or not she really wants to be with him since he’s older. He figures there are dozens of younger guys she could be with. Poor Hashi gets a little self-conscious


•When he realizes he’s falling in love with her, he’ll never admit it. That seems too inappropriate and he just wouldn’t know how to tell her. So any relationship would have to be founded on her making the first move, like kissing him randomly one day after a team training session when everyone else has left

•He has the stigma in his mind that because she’s younger, she might be naive. Which will undoubtedly annoy him. But he’s dealt with Hashirama all his life, so he knows how to handle that. And if he really loved her, it wouldn’t be a huge problem. It would just incite the occasional spat between them if he thought she was being unreasonable

•Which will happen quite a lot, especially as his student, because he wants to protect her. It’s his duty as a sensei, but of course that protective instinct will increase tenfold when it comes to his s/o

•Tobirama ignores any judgmental scrutiny that might arise from dating his student, though it does pick at the back of his mind more often than not. He might try to keep it a secret at first, and might succeed. It’s more difficult keeping it secret from the rest of his students tbh. Because tension is bound to arise between Tobirama and his girl at some point, whether it’s sexual tension or just basic relationship tension, someone has to notice

•Like if she snaps at him during a lesson, his other students just sit there and gawk in awe, because you’re not likely to get away with talking back to Tobirama Senju. They’re waiting for him to blow a fuse. Tobirama will just stand there and huff, cross his arms, glare at her, and begrudgingly tell her to go run laps. It’s the only thing he can do, unless he wants to risk instigating an argument that will turn pretty… domestic and intimate real fast

•He’d rather her not go out with their team on a dangerous mission. He’d find some excuse to keep her away, but he knows he can’t keep that up if he’s going to avoid favoritism. But it’s difficult to be out with her on missions, because he gets distracted, and scolds her for mistakes much more vehemently than he would his other students


•Madara would be an extremely intimidating sensei, so she’d have to be fierce and willing to endure his attitude in order to catch his attention. Gradually, Madara would be drawn to her and unabashedly take her as his favorite student. For Madara, it doesn’t take long for fondness to turn into infatuation, and infatuation to turn into love. So she’ll have to notice at some point

•But in the beginning, it comes in the form of watching her during training more than he would his other students, teaching her more jutsu, having her stay behind after training so she can ‘show him what she can do’

•Can you imagine them having a private “sparring” match though. That’s probably the first time he puts the moves on her tbh. It’s highly unlikely anyone is going to best Madara at sparring, so he’d go easy on her and tease her a little. Then at some point they’re on the ground wrestling each other and that’s when he goes in to kiss her for the first time

•Madara is not as accommodating as Hashirama, so he’d have a mild relationship with his students. Nothing outside of team training. Which would mark suspicion very easily on his relationship with her if someone noticed. And despite how hardheaded and unwavering Madara is, he’d probably keep it on the down low at first, just to save them both some trouble. Most of their time together will have to be during the training

•But at some point, Madara gets tired of that, says fuck it, and decides there’s no use in trying to hide what’s going on. He could give a damn about judgment anyway. If he loves her, he loves her

•He might have the same problems as Tobirama though, in terms of her being naive. She just wouldn’t have the same experiences as Madara, and therefore, might take an absurd perspective to certain topics

•He’s overly protective of her. Something about having someone younger just makes him need to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s never in trouble. He’d probably have this idea that “younger boys are unruly”, so he doesn’t like her hanging out with her own age group. He’s that guy