•If he’s drunk enough, he’ll probably indulge it. He’ll be a little irritated at first, simply because he’s the one who usually makes advances, rather than the other way around. He’ll watch her throughout the night, not missing the half-lidded, saucy looks she’s giving him. He’ll smirk ever so slightly when he sees it, and rest a hand on her inner thigh for the majority of the night

•Once she starts returning the advances though, maybe letting her shirt fall open just a bit to reveal her cleavage, or letting her gaze and hands wander down to his crotch, he catches on 

•He’ll bring her closer and growl something into her ear like “You’ll stop now if you know what’s good for you”

•He’d reach down and finger her, assuming it was under a table or where no one would notice. Though if she’s drunk enough, she’s not likely to hold in her moans and whimpers, so he warns her to be quiet 

•At some point there’s little he can do to suppress his urges, so he has to drag her outside or into a bathroom and have his way with her

•First, he’ll press her against a wall and scold her for even trying something so audacious like that in public, telling her she should know better than to test him. If he’s feeling particularly domineering, he’ll tell her that he has half the mind to drag her back in there and fuck her in front of everyone since she’s asking for it


•Normally, Hashirama is absolutely delighted when she incites sexy times. But if he’s not drunk enough to throw caution out the window just yet, he’d be soooo embarrassed if she tried anything in public

•Hashirama isn’t averse to giving her warm kisses in public, so if he sees that she’s getting a little frisky, he’ll entertain her with some cute kisses on the cheeks or forehead, maybe a scant kiss on her neck

•He’ll give a nervous laugh and pry her hands away if they’re wandering a little too far down south, with a ridiculously flustered smile on his face the entire time, realizing that oh shit I’m getting a hard-on

•If she manages to snake down there and actually grasp at his slowly hardening erection, he’ll literally jump out of his seat. Once he sits back down though, he can’t fight it if she slips her fingers under his waistband and goes for the public handjob

•Hashirama’s not likely to maintain composure. He moans loud at some point, and starts bucking into her hand. That’s when he realizes he can’t do it, and he ushers her outside or to the nearest restroom and tells her “You’re driving me crazy, ______.”

•He’ll try to make it home, but fails. Expect him to collapse on a bench and fall asleep, holding his s/o tight in his arms. In the morning they wake up and Hashirama has a big hangover, and a big hard-on. Morning wood heh


•He goes beet red and his mind just draws blank. If he were sober, he probably wouldn’t have let her get drunk in the first place, because he’s constantly watching over her and limiting how much alcohol she consumes. But if he’s drunk too, that’s not likely to happen. He just doesn’t pay attention. So it’s also unlikely that he’d be able to completely resist her advances

•The moment she snakes a hand down to the off limits area, he just loses it. He’ll jump up from his seat and back away, while muttering “No no no no what are you doing” but it’s all in vain. The only reason he’s so opposed to it is because there are people around. If she got him outside or in private, and tried to seduce him again (seduce being a loose word if she can’t function properly. might be some pretty shitty seduction) then it’s difficult for him not to give in

•Once they’re in private he’ll fumble with her clothing just enough to reach inside and rub her clit, slipping a finger or two inside her and pulling out just as fast. He’s not doing it to be a tease. He literally isn’t coordinated enough to continue

•He might be down for a quick make-out session at most, but at some point, he barely chokes out a “Not here”, and will stumble back to his house or hers, whichever is closer

•The clock is ticking though. She has to get him there fast or else he’ll pass out. On the way there, he might try to persist with quick, needy kisses along her neck and throat, but he slowly starts fading and gets all drowsy

•He’s the one who passes out right on her chest and sleeps on the tiddies for the rest of the night