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Tobirama Senju NSFW

•He likes doing that thing where he flicks the head of his cock against your pussy really fast right before he pushes into you. He might just make you cum by flicking at your clit like that

•Tobirama is more of a sweet talker than a dirty talker, but he can try when he wants. He’ll stop thrusting when he can feel that you’re about to cum and ask “How bad do you want it, _______?” and “Don’t give me that look. If you want it, just say so. Tell me what you want.” And when you finally cry out that you want him to fuck you, he smirks and whispers “That’s better.“

•If you’ve read my Tobirama dick headcanons you know Nidaime got a nice thick dick. If it’s the first time you’re taking his dick, you will 100% be sore the next day. You can’t even walk, can’t even get out of bed. He’ll be a little embarrassed, but inwardly smug. Tell him something like “You should really warn a lady next time, Tobirama” and he’ll blush

•While he’s fucking you, he’ll reach down and take your clit between his two fingers and pinch. Not hard enough to hurt—maybe a little—but hard enough to get you crying out, that’s what he likes

•He responds well when you make lots of sounds. The second you moan out his name, his hips snap forward and his thrusts get wild

•When he’s fucking hard and fast, his go-to position is your legs thrown over his shoulders. He hits all the right spots inside you and somehow, your pussy feels even tighter and it drives him crazy. He grabs onto your hips/thighs real tight and fucks you like his life depends on it

•Don’t give Tobirama a blowjob while he’s standing up. His knees get too weak for that, they buckle and everything. You can do it while he’s supporting himself against a wall, but that’s just as bad. He slides halfway down the wall by the time you’re done. He’s just always struck me as the guy who finds blowjobs wayyyy too mind-blowing (hehe blowing). It’s the easiest way to render him a moaning, shivering mess. The minute your hot lips wrap around his dick, Tobirama is seeing stars. He has toe curling orgasms too, it’s ridiculous. Cup or pull lightly at his balls while he’s cumming, he’ll cry out

•Also, his inner thighs. Massage his inner thighs as foreplay and he’s hard as a rock in no time. Massage them while you’re giving him head, and his legs tense up

•Kiss or suck at his neck and he will devour you. It drives him wild

•Secretly, he does love the taste of pussy. Obviously it has to be some decent tasting pussy, but when he’s eating you out and you cum, he tastes it and realizes oh shit I like it. Especially when you’re just out of the shower. Of course you’re gonna be nice and clean. Going down on you as soon as you’re fresh out the shower, body nice and wet, pussy kind of slick, skin smelling like some nice body wash, DANG he loves it. He groans quietly when he tastes you and starts lapping it up like crazy

•He doesn’t care if you swallow his cum, though he’d prefer you not just spit it out randomly. But if you do swallow, and actually let him see his cum in your mouth, he may or may not get hard all over again. The sight is so erotic

•Deepthroat him and he has a very bad habit of jerking upward and pushing your head down even further on his dick

•He prefers coming inside of you, but if has to pull out, he’ll come on your tits. Titjobs or anything with the tiddy in general arouses him. He especially loves taking his dick and pressing the head against one of your hard nipples. It makes him moan

•Digressing from specific headcanons, let’s get conditional: The biggest mistake you can make in bed with Tobirama—besides trying to dominate him and expect no repercussions—is letting him know that you really want his dick. Like… If he knows that you love having sex with him and that his sex appeal gets to you and you want him bad, then he uses that to his advantage. Tobirama is a foxy, resourceful little shit. He’ll use his charm against you if he has to. Give him any reason to think he can use seduction to persuade you, and he will, given the right situation

•You’ve been catching an attitude with him recently? Being stubborn? Not listening to him? Ignoring him and playing hard to get? Okay. He spends hours at the Hokage office and comes home later than usual in the middle of the night, when he’s certain you’ll be asleep. No way you can get some bedtime dick then. And if you wake up when he gets into bed, and try to initiate middle of the night sexy times, he grunts and pushes you away, telling you he’s too tired. Even though he’s not. If he wanted to, he’d give you some late night action. But he knows it’s going to overwork your libido 

•Anytime he’s home, he walks around shirtless. You’re gonna sit there and watch those dazzling Senju abs at work, and when he catches you ogling, he’s like “Can I help you with something?”

•He comes up behind you at random times and puts his arms around you, presses against you, leaving literally no room between your bodies. But he acts like it’s so casual. He’ll tell you his plans for the day, ask you to drop off paperwork at the academy if you pass by, remind you to do the laundry, etc. All casual as hell. Then he just leaves. Like it was nothing. Like he wasn’t just pressing his dick up against you

•All of this is to rile you up and send your sexual frustration through the roof. When you finally confront him or he finally dicks you down, it’s rough and he’s a huge tease. He doesn’t let you orgasm until he gives you a little spiel in bed about whatever it is you did that pissed him off in the first place

•He will always try to be the dominant, but once in a blue moon, it’s okay to turn the tables. He’s not going to like it, he’ll chide you for it and put on that trademark scowl, but once he’s in the heat of the moment, he enjoys it. Push him over and get on top to ride him, but tell him he can’t touch you, or else you’ll stop

•He’ll think you’re being difficult, and glares at you in annoyance, but goes with it regardless. But once you start riding and it feels so good inside you, he has to reach up to touch you. And the first time you stop, as promised, he looks pissed. He’ll glare up at you like , “______ enough games.” 

•Tobirama is not a man you want to tease. Later, he’d get his revenge. When you’re busy, maybe standing over the kitchen sink washing plates, he comes up behind you, pulls away some of your clothes and promptly slips his fingers inside of you, all while leaving hot kisses on your neck. He has a habit of working you up to an orgasm ridiculously fast, because he knows just where to reach inside you. But right when you’re about to cum, he pulls away, with an unashamed smirk on his face. He’ll say something like “I’m late for work” and just leave. 

•Expect Tobirama to be a little shit when it comes to those things. The moment you get cocky and test him, it’s over. It means war

•Public sex is pretty far on the NOT OKAY side of the sexy spectrum for Tobirama, but there are rare occasions where he can go through with it. Out in the Konoha training fields, if you visit him after he’s done with his team, he won’t say no to a heated make-out session behind some tree. He doesn’t want it to go too far though, because he’s probably a sweaty, dirty mess. But expect him to fuck you good once you’re home and he’s cleaned up

•Also, his Hokage office. If you walk in and you can tell he’s incredibly stressed, try to coax him into letting you give him head. Be careful though. He’s either ridiculously stressed and wants none of it (will probably tell you to stop being vulgar and leave because he’s busy) or he gets hard the second you kneel in front of his chair and between his open legs. He could appreciate a good blowjob at the right time. Even a little handjob, just to “motivate” him to get to work. Office sex isn’t completely out of the question either, but Tobirama is wild when he’s riled up so he’d rather not break his desk or scatter paperwork absolutely everywhere

•ALSO to teach you a lesson if you ever test him or condescend him in bed: shadow clones. He will use them if it comes to that, though he’d regret it later, thinking “This is not what I had in mind when I created this jutsu”

•He pushes you onto the bed one day then whoops, where did that shadow clone come from? I don’t think he’d try to double team you tbh. But he’ll use a clone to restrain you and hold you down while he takes you. The clone might let his hands wonder all over your breasts and pinch your nipples, maybe reach down to your clit so he can rub you while the original fucks you. It’s just all too many sensations at once, four hands running over you, both sets of intense, scarlet eyes watching you. It’s great

•He gets you all worn out with just one clone and you’re absolutely exhausted, probably already came more than once, ready to call it a day. But then he spreads your legs again and looks down at you. “Don’t think we’re done yet, _______.”