•Lip biting

•Thigh/chest rubbing

•Also, his nipples being touched tbh

•Midriff clothes. Itachi’s normally not one who goes crazy for exposed skin, but sometimes a little stomach showing gets to him

•Also any clothes that are black. Black is hot

•Neck kisses

•Intense, prolonged eye contact. Stare at him with half-lidded, keen eyes across the room, and he can’t help but return the gaze

•Itachi doesn’t have a particular preference on hair length, but, silky, long, sheen hair always catches his eye 

•Massages. Specifically back or shoulder massages. Massage his thighs too if you want, but that’s a one way ticket to a rock hard erection for Itachi

•Jewelry? He just thinks it looks kind of elegant. Some nice, simple jewelry. Like earrings or a nice necklace. A necklace especially looks nice when his partner is beneath him, naked except for the necklace hanging on their chest, looking at him with big, expectant eyes. It just paints the perfect picture for Itachi

•When his partner makes it obvious they want to have sex, but not in a vulgar, or obnoxious way. Simply asking him if he’d like to relax in bed for a while is an easy way to catch his attention, and possibly get him in the mood


•Teasing. He likes to be teased by his partner, but they can’t go overboard. He just enjoys getting a little frisky and playful with his partner. He knows it can be fun, even if he has to let them top and “dominate” him for a while

•Accidentally brushing up against his partner. Like for a random example, trying to move past them in the bathroom and their ass slides right up against his crotch. He gets a little hard sometimes tbh 


•His partner biting on his ear or around his neck

•Also, his partner whispering in his ear

•Plump lips

•A nice booty


•A sexy laugh tbh? You know some people just have those sexy laughs. Shisui loves that

•Confidence tbh

•His partner riding him

•When his partner looks kind of worn out? Maybe after they’ve been working out or something like that. Not a gross sweaty mess, but that breathless, worked up look gets to him