I really hope I didn’t butcher these, I don’t know if I can write decent V headcanons



•He’s a pretty sad drunk. He won’t go on long, sorrowful spiels or anything like that. But he’s just kind of down in the dumps? 

•He’d be normal when texting, you probably wouldn’t even know anything was wrong unless you noticed the smallest changes in his behavior. Probably something simple, like V waiting too long to reply. I mean he’s a slow replier anyway, but his replies would be short and a little elusive and at some point, you’d have to ask him what was wrong

•He wouldn’t tell you much, of course. V remains as mysterious as possible when he can. The most he’d give you is just “I was drinking a little… and I might have overdone it. Nothing to worry about.”

•In person, V is just as arcane. He won’t let on to the fact he’s drunk through words or speech. He’s good about not slurring his words. He articulates well and remains focused, even if he’s blackout drunk. You could have a full conversation with him and he’d be fine

•Lmao this is awful to say, but you’ll know he’s drunk because he runs into absolutely everything. When you’re going blind, impaired vision per alcohol is never a good thing. He’d lean on you for balance and hook his arm under yours. It’s then you would notice something is amiss

•V is also that guy that just smells like alcohol when he’s drunk. He doesn’t drink any heavy shit, he drinks some nice wine so it’s not an awful smell. But the minute he comes close to you, that smell just overloads your senses


•He takes the subdued approach to arguments and isn’t combative at all. There’s a possibility that he may get a little heated if you’re just being absolutely ridiculous, but it’s not likely. V figures it’s easier to stand back and allow you to speak and explain your side of the story before he even attempts to defend himself and counter you

•V is just a relatively passive guy. But don’t take advantage of that. If you’re undeniably wrong about something, and you’re the one at fault for the situation, he’ll tell you that. He’s not malicious about it, and he doesn’t condescend you, but he’ll set you straight, kind of in a “I understand that, ______. I completely understand why you feel that way. I’m only trying to tell you my side of the story.”

•It’s a rare occasion that V raises his voice during an argument. If anything, it’s only when you’re yelling and he needs to talk over you, but he probably won’t even do that. He thinks it’s rude. He’d wait until you were done before he started speaking. Why is he so considerate??? Who knows

•He always needs there to be a resolution to the argument. He would never let tension linger. He understands that apologies don’t always fix everything, but he would apologize if he knew it was going to make you feel better