•Clothed sex 

•Very very light scratching. He likes the feel of his partner running her nails softly down his chest or back

•He just wants his partner to do the work tbh. So he likes his partner to top. Probably the easiest route to go anyway if she’s stubborn and wants to be in control

•Mild spanking. Fun spanking though. All in the name of fun, nothing severe

•He doesn’t mind being edged as long as it’s not too much. Edging can be rewarding in the end

•Kiss anywhere near his lower abdomen and he shudders. Lower abdomen kisses/licks are a 10/10 for Shika. It gets him hard almost immediately, such a turn on

•He likes a nice bouncy butt. Makes it even better if he wants to spank her just a little

•Would love a lap dance tbh

•Also would not be opposed to his partner using handcuffs on him if he were in the mood


(very unfamiliar with Menma, I had to watch the movie and I still didn’t get much on him, so my bad)

•Wall sex. He doesn’t enjoy soft, thorough sex, and would rather go for a quickie. Plus, he likes pressing his partner up against a wall. He’s very dominant, and will never let his partner take control. Which might not sit well with a stubborn s/o. So he has to try extra hard to let her know that he’s in charge

•Nice legs, and nice boobs too

•When his partner is submissive



•A quiet partner tbh. Hearing her moan and what not is fine, but he doesn’t want her talking unless he asks her to, or unless he goads her into begging. But bottom line is, she can’t do it on their own, or it’s just annoying. If she tries to defy him, he’ll gag her or press a hand over her mouth while he fucks her


•Hair pulling


•Pulling out and coming on her. He likes to see his cum all over her skin


•He’s got a variety of kinks that mostly revolve around BDSM stuff tbh. Biting, scratching, spanking, etc

•Orgasm denial


Mild power play. If she’s stubborn she’s bound to fight for control in the bedroom and he’s okay with that, as long as she doesn’t get too cocky

•He knows it’s not entirely possible, it’s hit or miss, but if her cum tastes good, and sweet, hooooo shit he loves it. Doesn’t have to be sugar sweet but that tint of sweetness, kind of like a sweet aftertaste? He fucking loves it. He’s always going down on her or fingering her so he can licks his fingers clean afterward

•He lovessss long hair

•Also full, plump lips

•Very much appreciates a nice rack

•Turns him on when he finds out that she’s not wearing underwear. It’s a pleasant surprise, and he gives her points for being cheeky

•Okay so Madara loves it when she’s clean shaven, he likes a nice shaved pussy that’s just him