•It might bother him a little, simply because he’s an introvert. It’ll embarrass him, to be honest. He’s just not used to it, and it unsettles him sometimes. In public especially, you’d find he was anxiously embarrassed by her personality

•He’d understand if she just couldn’t help it? Maybe she just has a loud voice. Some people are like that. In which case, it wouldn’t bother him as much. It probably means she has a cheerful, boisterous laugh too, and he actually likes that. Yoosung might think it’s a little cute that she’s so enthusiastic and lively

•Really, the main problem will be when they’re in public together. Yoosung strikes me as the type who doesn’t like any attention to be drawn to him if possible. He’s easily anxious when it comes to being around lots of people, it makes him feel uncomfortable? So having a loudmouth s/o will 100% put him on edge, because he knows people are bound to notice and look at them, and possibly judge her

•Which at times, makes him a little defensive. But he’s also not the type to resort to confrontation. He’ll just pout, and maybe send a little glare that person’s way. Then he’ll quietly whisper to her and ask if she can lower her voice, trying his best not to sound rude or demeaning. As embarrassed as he is, he also just doesn’t want people giving her dirty looks. He hates that. If he’s anxious enough, he even gets a little teary-eyed. Poor baby

•His s/o would have to understand why he gets like that, and shouldn’t reprimand him for being too paranoid or being a cry baby, or anything like that. That’s just how Yoosung is. He does much better with softer, more docile personalities tbh, and though he wouldn’t ask his s/o to change her personality completely, they’d probably have to compromise

However, it’s possible she could bring Yoosung out of his shell? If only just a little. She could teach him to stop caring what others think and just loosen up a little, since that’s one of his main problems