Already done Gaara and Kiba!


most of the Neji kinks I can think of are here but I can try for a few more

•Low key dom/sub kink. I say low key because he wouldn’t really call it that, he just automatically goes for the dominant position in the bedroom anyway

•Being on the receiving end of dirty talk is a little shocking for him, but he kinda digs it

•As for turn ons, he’s always liked long hair 


•Shoulder or chest kisses/bites

•A flexible partner


•Spanking, with a belt or a whip too

•He has a kink for really weird positions. Like you know those positions in the Kamasutra that literally no one would use? Kankuro would

•Got a little foot fetish. Give him a footjob and he goes wild

•Clothed sex

•Dirty talk

•Role play

•His partner spreading their legs and waiting for him on the bed is literally the biggest turn on for Kankuro. He gets hard in .5 seconds

•A thick partner


•A partner who’s not afraid to get dirty and be open about it. For example, flipping through a porn magazine with him and admiring the models, without condemning it as perverted or even insulting, like “why does Kankuro need to look at porn when he has me?” But nah, if they could dig it, he’d fall in love on the spot. It could even serve as some foreplay ooOoooOoo