For Kakashi I’m pretty burnt out with these that I already wrote, and thank you so much!


•His partner sitting on his lap. It can be with innocent intentions, but nothing gets Nagato hard like his partner sitting directly on his crotch. He might have to politely ask them to move unless they wanna be stabbed by his erection

•Playing with his nipples

•His partner whispering into his ear

•Heavy breathing? He likes to hear his partner panting and out of breath

•Slow sex

•Soft caresses and touches

•Kinda likes it when his partner tops. He’s not into being completely dominated, but his partner taking the reigns is something he enjoys

•In missionary, while he’s thrusting into his partner, if they reach down and grasp at his ass, he loves it. It startles him a little, but it lets him know he’s doing a good job


•Eye contact

•Lovesss spending lots of time on foreplay

•Her partner coming a lot tbh. She’s pretty great at oral, and lots of cum is rewarding

•Shower sex

•Tickling/teasing touches


•Sensation play

•Her partner slowly and meticulously undressing her

•Licking all over her body

•Light orgasm denial


•Ridiculous, vulgar dirty talk. He likes dirty talking his partner and watching their reactions


•Big booty/ass grabbing

•Skimpy clothing tbh. On any random person, it doesn’t affect him much. But on his partner, he can’t take his eyes off of them

•Power play


•Scratching ofc


•When he’s fucking his partner good and sees tears well up in their eyes. He loves that shit, it gets him all excited

•Really messy oral



•Honestly, Genos doesn’t have many kinks or turn ons, if any at all. The dude just doesn’t get aroused with his robot biology and what not. So most of his turn ons aren’t very nsfw, they’re kind of “innocent” turn ons

•His partner caressing his face is a big one. That might be the only place on his body that sensations register


•Light/playful conversation. He’s not capable of it tbh, but he’d like hearing his partner talk, even if it’s random shit


•Seeing his partner work out