Ok so I’ve been wanting to ask for a while but would any of you guys be interested in a Madara x s/o x Tobirama fic??? Just a typical story about the boys liking the same person and the drama that ensues

It’s a fic I wrote a longggg time ago for a friend, but it died down after a while. Then I found the draft in my notes and I was like yo, why not finish it? I know I have some Madara and Tobirama hoes out there that might like it?

But anyway, is this something you guys would be interested in reading?????? It’s gonna be long as shit tbh. I’m p sure the end result will be 80k words. As it is now, each chapter is about 7k words and there will obviously be a lot of chapters. Which I think might be annoying to some of you, having to post so many here on tumblr. There are a lot of reasons I’m having second thoughts about posting it, and that’s one of them. I don’t want to throw this onto you guys if you don’t want to read it. I’d only want to share it if there was interest and tbh I’m super paranoid about posting it lmao I’m afraid it’s gonna suck

Let me know your thoughts though. I was super excited to start writing it again but recently I’ve been feeling a little doubtful about posting it