•Gaara will understand why they might want to run back into battle, either in a last attempt to save their brother, or get revenge on whoever killed him. But Gaara knows how dangerous that is, and that it’s not a safe environment, especially for someone who’s likely to make ill advised decisions in such an emotional state. Their mind is clouded by anger and grief, so Gaara wouldn’t trust them to make the right decisions

•He’d probably hold them back with his sand, despite their screams and protests. It would hurt Gaara, because he can only imagine how much pain they’re in, but his first priority will be getting them out of there 

•If they struggle and it actually becomes a distraction for him, he also has no problem encasing them in some sort of sand confinement and pushing them away from the dangerous battle field, or asking another shinobi to take them away

•Once the battle is over, Gaara knows he’ll have to face them and endure the consequences. They have every right to be mad at him for what he did, but he’ll just keep reminding them that they could have gotten themselves killed, and he wouldn’t allow that. Of course he’ll offer his condolences and console them in anyway he can, serving a shoulder to cry on whenever they need it. He spends lots of time soothing them. Every available second of the day, he’s there for them

•But he knows the anger will surface every now and then. Whether his s/o is just fixed in that ‘anger’ stage of grief, or they resent him for holding them back, Gaara has to face their fury head on. But he’s steadfast and doesn’t lose conviction, again reminding them that it would have done no good to charge out their blindly in a foolhardy attempt to avenge their brother, and possibly lose their own life. He might even pull the “Your brother wouldn’t have wanted that, ______.”