Iruka screams at the opening title screens. Like you know the ones with the really loud, obnoxious music? He screams and jumps 12 feet in the air

Kiba pretends he loves scary movies but he really doesn’t. On the inside he’s dying

Deidara is the same way. He’s all talk. If someone says they don’t like scary movies, he makes fun of them. But at the first jump scare, he screams

Shikamaru likes scary movies. His hobby is trying to figure out how it ends, because they’re usually predictable

Kankuro likes scary movies but sometimes he can’t handle them. He’ll deny it though, even when he has his eyes closed the entire time

Gaara isn’t even phased by scary movies tbh. He’s the one who’s completely still when the jump scare comes on

Temari is wild, she likes the really gory, crazy movies

Kushina, what a trooper. Can sit through any scary movie and will enjoy it. Doesn’t jump once

Minato on the other hand, hates scary movies. Because they’re… scary

Darui kind of likes scary movies, but the stupid ones annoy him

Shisui lovessss them

Kakashi likes good scary movies. Subjective, of course, but they have to be movies with good plots, not just unnecessary horror. For example, Signs would be one of his favs

Obito is okay with scary movies, but he’ll latch onto your arm and squeeze tight when the anticipation is high and he knows something scary is about to pop up