This came in a few days ago so I get what you mean about people not reading my bio, or the link for my ask, even. During box opening days though, I don’t bother changing my bio because the interval in which the box is open is so short. But I’d think that people would at least know what times the box would be open from the posts I reblog continuously throughout the week, and I even make a “box opening” post so they know when they can start sending their requests in. But sooo many came in today when the box wasn’t open, and it’s getting a bit tedious to correct everyone. So I’ll probably just start deleting requests that come in without screenshotting those requests and putting them in a post like I normally do

I reallyyyyy don’t like doing that, because I want people to know that I won’t be writing their requests, just to give them a heads up, but it’s becoming a hassle. I just had to delete some Hidan and Akatsuki and Jean requests that came in just now when the box wasn’t open (there I go again giving people a heads up, I cant help it) but yeah I will probably will just start deleting requests as soon as they come in. Otherwise, I make too many posts and it gets annoying to clog the blog so much. I feel like a dick lmao I’m sorry y’all, it’s just easier for me to delete them than make 20 posts about it