lots of replies, going under the cut!

-Thank you friend! Yesterday was just a little chaotic but I’m feeling much better today

-Yeah I was hoping that by repeatedly letting people know about the times/timezone difference that it would make it easier, but I guess not. I’m pretty certain I’ll just start deleting requests now, it makes it easier. And ahhhhhh thank you so much ❤ I appreciate it

@coralscanvas fam thank youuuu ❤

-I’m glad! The purpose of opening the box three times a day was so my followers outside of the US got their chance to request, since I know not everyone lives in America lmao

-Heyyyy thanks you. Sometimes I just feel like I’m doing too many things at once and I’m making it more difficult for my followers. But some people can be a little pushy sometimes, it happens

Unless the request states that they it doesn’t have to be a scenario (so I can do headcanons instead) I end up deleting the request. I used to keep them, just in case someone forgot what they sent in and wanted me to show them so they could request it again later, but it clogged up my inbox. I had like 200+ scenarios in there at one time lol it was bad

Hmmmmm it would be pretty cool tbh. I know there’s Godfather fanfiction out there, but imagines would be lit, even though I don’t really hoe for anyone in the Godfather and couldn’t get that into it. But aside from NSFW imagines and what not, standard sfw headcanons sound pretty cool

@gabb-yeet thanks fam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)