•Hashirama wouldn’t hurt a fly so it’s very difficult for him to tend to their masochist needs. He might even avoid bringing it into the bedroom, if he can. But he doesn’t want to bore his s/o either, so he’ll try eventually

•Which doesn’t take much. When the God of Shinobi wants to get rough, he can and will, even if he doesn’t really know he’s doing it. It’s just a subconscious thing that comes out of Hashi

•It starts with harder and more fervent kisses, biting at their lips every so often and taking control when they make out. He gets their lips bruised and plump

•There’s lots of biting everywhere tbh. Biting their nipples until they cry out, biting them down south too, if they’re into it. Biting their ears, neck, shoulders, all hard enough to leave marks

•He’ll try for hair pulling, but if he feels like he’s pulling too hard, and they whimper or something, he stops immediately and apologizes 

•Lots of the sex will be Hashirama getting overeager and then apologizing right after lmao

•They would mostly feel it in his thrusts. He puts a lotttt of power into his thrusts, they’re definitely gonna be sore afterward


•Ehhhh Tobirama isn’t really sure what to do with the information at first. To him, it just doesn’t make sense to want to be hurt and be in pain like during sex?? Llike??? Why??? Sex is supposed to feel good you’re not supposed to hurt eachother. (Tobirama is a prude he doesn’t understand that level of kinkiness)

•However, he’ll slowly come to understand the appeal, and come to understand how rewarding it can be to take the reigns in bed and really control his s/o to his liking. He does have a problem with hurting them though, which means heavy BDSM is a no-go. But light BDSM? Sure. His s/o just has to instigate him to do it

•It’s mostly in the form of restraining them and holding them down during sex, pressing them hard against the mattress and making sure they can’t move

•He’ll also try spanking, but the minute marks start forming on their ass, he feels a little guilty lol

•He tries his best at dirty talking. When he wants to get dirty, he definitely can (okay I have a request for Tobirama dirty talking that I’ll do soon and y’all will see) It’s mostly stuff like “Get on your knees” and “Don’t move” but it’s right against their ear, ragged and deep and authoritative. Oooo that deep voice is so nice

•He pinches them a lot, especially their nipples or down below. If his partner has a clit, that’s a very effective move


•Shit you know he loves it. He will take advantage of it, no question. Of course he’s going to test their limits to see just how much they can handle first 

•He starts off with spanking, bending them over his knee one day and seeing how hard he can hit them before they cry out. If they beg him to go harder, there’s no way he’s letting them off easy. He gets too riled up. He loves a challenge. He tries to make them cry

•He also goes for choking. He wants to know whether they’re the type who likes light choking, or if they literally want to be gasping for air. Madara is fine with either, but his s/o will have to be careful with the latter because he gets too into it

•They’ll probably need a safeword. Safewords aren’t a thing Madara particularly enjoys, but if his s/o wants to be dominated and humiliated, they need one. There’s no telling how far Madara will go given the opportunity. He’ll slap them if they want too

•Like really I have to make another bullet point for this. If they tell Madara to slap them, he will, without question. He might even do it on his own to see if his s/o likes it. He’d be so into it

•Whether they have a clit or dick, he’ll slap them down there too. It can feel good, in a pleasure+pain sort of way

•He loves face-fucking he will definitely do it. He wants them choking and gagging on his dick