Ooooo okay so Deidara would initially want a pet that could serve as a companion, one that could actually be fun. So not fish or anything like that (though he might have one of those exotic fish that literally no pet stores sell. He won’t tell you where he got it from) But that’s just for the aesthetic. Not a dog or cat either. Those are definitely good companions, but too much to care for, Deidara thinks. He’s picky. He wants something low maintenance, but something that will be worth it in the end and something interesting. He strikes me as the type who might buy a snake. Or some type of reptile. A ball python? I can just imagine Deidara letting his python curl around his arm while he sits back and relaxes. Idk I can just totally imagine it can’t you? He’d talk to his ball python too. Just goes on rants and sits there talking to the thing, as if it’s actually listening