I’ll write as much as I can, but I only write them long if I actually have ideas, so it’s not something I can automatically do. I think I can get a decent amount though

Sasuke Uchiha NSFW

•He won’t often finger you but he’s very very good at it when he wants to be. He’s more of the type to thrust his fingers in and out than curl them and massage your g spot. It can be annoying at times but it’s okay, he somehow makes you come regardless just with the quick thrusting motion

•He’d definitely like anal with a female s/o, for many reasons. 1. You can’t get pregnant. Of course, something can go wrong and it happens on accident, but he doesn’t have to worry about it as much, and Sasuke is a no worry type of guy during sex 2. feels tighter and hotter to him, thereby, much better 3. excuse to take you doggy style, and that’s his favorite position

•But he has a bad habit of thinking his spit will suffice as lube when it comes to anal. No Sasuke, you gotta lube it up

•Because he’s into anal, he’s not opposed to sticking a finger in your ass while he’s fucking you. Maybe just the pinky, if he wants to test you and see if you like it

•I might have mentioned before how much he loves getting head. But he’s quite rough. He honestly doesn’t pay much mind to whether or not he’s hurting you or if it might be uncomfortable. Sasuke makes little thrusts upward into your mouth while at the same time pushing your head down. He wants as much as the tight, hot feeling as he can get. Your throat’s gonna be hella sore later

•Clothed sex is convenient for Sasuke, because he’s hardly the type who takes the time to fully undress you. Often times, he’s so frustrated that your clothes aren’t cooperating that he just tears that shit off

•Sasuke isn’t very enthusiastic about giving oral, and he might bore you a little tbh. One thing that is pretty great though, is when he leans up from between your thighs and you can see the remnants of your cum glossing over his lips. He just looks so good like that. It’s not something you’ll catch often though, he wipes it away real fast because he knows you’re looking at it

•Dirty talk is not something that Sasuke usually indulges, but it comes easily to him when the opportunity presents itself. It’s mostly on accident. If you’re whining and begging to the point that it’s annoying, he growls out a “If you want me to keep fucking you, you’ll be quiet” right against your ear

•He likes a nice pair of tits, but he’s particular about it. They can be small or big, but they just have to have a certain look that Sasuke likes. Maybe perky or something like that. He’s very rough though, palming your breasts hard, pinch your nipples hard, biting your nipples hard. Rough and hard is his thing

•He’ll also come on your tits, but he prefers that you swallow. It’s just easier and he thinks it’s only “expected” that you’d swallow. If you absolutely refuse to swallow, then he’ll roll his eyes, give you a sharp look that pretty much says ‘I’m disappointed in you’, and tell you “Fine, but I’m coming on you”. And will probably go for the facial/on your tits

•His thrusts are very hard. Even if he’s not going particularly fast, the power behind those thrusts is ridiculous. He enjoys that slight wince of pain that flashes across your face with every slap of his hips against yours (or if he’s taking you doggystyle, which is likely, against your ass) He’s also come to enjoy the loud sound of skin on skin smacking together

•Some simple steps to turn him on (attempt at your own risk though, he may get annoyed if you’re not doing it right): Sit next to him, looking as innocent and passive as possible. Pretend to be reading a book or something. If you don’t look like you’re trying to seduce him, Sasuke won’t take it as you trying to seduce him, and he won’t be on guard. Rest a hand on his thigh, try to have a light conversation with him. Try to make it an amusing conversation. And once he smiles or smirks, then you can start moving your hand back and forth in little motions to arouse him

•He’ll of course know what you’re doing by then, but if you play your cards right, he just might sit back and see what you do. If at this point, he hasn’t stopped you, then you have a green light to go for it. Shift closer to him and try to go in for a kiss while you rub closer and closer to his dick. If you don’t want to go in and kiss him that hastily, then at least use your other hand to massage his shoulders and chest, even his back. It’ll warm him up a little, and then you can definitely go in for a kiss, maybe even on his neck or ear

•Once that’s done, he’s probably going to be hard. You can go for the handjob, or blowjob (because ofc he loves them). Just slip fingers into his pants, pull out that dick, and go for it

•So let’s think about one armed Sasuke for a sec. With both arms available, doggystyle is his preferred position, but he has to make due with the one arm. In which case, his preferred positions are something like this or this, where he can use the one arm to prop himself up, or, he can rest back on his knees and use his free hand for something else. For example, pinch your nipples or your clit, press you down by your stomach, pull your hair, slip fingers into your mouth, etc

•He never considered how losing an arm would affect him in a sexual manner until he realized masturbating would be different. He’s not an avid masturbator, it’ll happen like once a month when he’s really backed up and just needs to do it and get it out of the way. Just because he does it fast though, doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy himself a little. With both hands, he would stroke his cock with one, and cup/lightly fondle his balls with the other. The extra warmth made him come faster. Now he can’t do that anymore and he’s just kind of like… fuck