Neji Hyuuga


•Such a loyal boyfriend. Neji by nature is just a loyal person, but you’d see it in full while you’re in a relationship with him. He just gives you every reason to trust him, and trust that he’ll do his best to do right by you

•He would do anything for you. He would die for you. That much might be obvious, but Neji means it. He’s not the type to get into a relationship unless his feelings are unconditional. Neji thinks a relationship for trivial or superficial reasons is just silly. Any relationship needs to be founded on feelings of fondness, and even love. Love isn’t a word Neji will throw around easily. But he will love you. And really, will do anything for you (within reason of course)

•Neji will only have eyes for you. That might also be obvious, but if you’re in a relationship, that’s obviously a pro, right? It’s a concern some people have. When Neji is in a relationship, he just doesn’t think of anyone else. You’re pretty much his focus. He has tunnel vision. You’ll never get jealous, at least not for solicited reasons. You may just be a jealous person at heart and hey, some people are like that (Neji doesn’t like it though, be careful) But bottom line is, he won’t give you any reason to think that there’s someone else grabbing his attention/affection

•Neji will listen to your problems. He’s not great at giving advice, and he can’t promise that he won’t find some of your problems to be ridiculous and naive, but he’ll listen to you, nonetheless

•He’s very protective. It’s not overbearing, but you can bet that no one will mess with you, talk down to you, even give you a scornful look while Neji is around. His way of dealing with it might not be over the top or dramatic, which is disappointing because that’s probably fun to watch, but he gets the job done. He doesn’t let anyone get away with messing with his s/o, he won’t tolerate it


•He has a bad habit of snapping at you for the smallest of things. He flies off the handle much too fast. You’ll have to watch what you say a majority of the time, because he can get really nasty and rude. If you can’t handle a boyfriend with a quick temper who gets agitated way too easily, dating Neji is not for you

•He won’t be able to have a high maintenance s/o. If you’re constantly seeking attention, constantly needing assurance that he wants to be in a relationship with you, or constantly expecting him to spend lots of time with you, he can’t offer you that. Neji can be a loving partner when he wants to be, but if you push him, it turns him off immediately. And he grows distant, even more emotionally distant than he will be already. He really can’t handle a needy s/o

•You can’t really joke around with him? A relationship with Neji will not be one of those cute relationships where the couple can joke around with each other and have fun. It’s harsh to say, but Neji won’t be your “best friend”. When people say “the best relationship is when your partner is your best friend”, Neji doesn’t get it. That’s not something that really happens with Neji

•If you’re looking for a man to initiate affection and dote you all the time with intimacy, Neji won’t. The worst part is though, when you initiate it, he gets flustered and agitated. So sometimes, there’s really no winning with Neji. You have to wait until he really wants it, which might take longer than you want. I’m talking months into the relationship before he even thinks about touching you in any way. Don’t even try to hold his hand before the 6 month mark, it won’t work out

•This is more of a personal problem that Neji has, and kind of relates to the previous bullet ^ but Neji has trouble opening up to people. You can’t push him to do it, or else it’ll agitate him and he becomes uncomfortable. Because he’s withdrawn, he’ll come off cold, and sometimes, like he doesn’t have any emotion at all. Which might be unsettling to some people, especially to a s/o. In a relationship, you expect both parties to at least make some emotion present, right? Neji just can’t tune in with his feelings that well, so you have to give him time, even if you become impatient. Just wait it out though. Once he’s comfortable enough to open up around you, it’s so worth it. It’s a whole new world to explore in your relationship with him