oh shit how dare you hit me with this level of ANGST

Tobirama is too wrapped up in his own grief to really do anything at first. He tries to distract himself with work, knowing no other way to deal with the situation. But he can’t avoid it forever. When he comes around and faces the anguish, he focuses on his s/o, knowing they need it most. He puts all work aside and spends time at home with them, talking to them, holding them, rubbing their back and giving them words of encouragement, anything he can. He’s not that good with words, when it comes to soothing, at least. But he tries, he really tries

Kakashi does everything he can for his s/o, all while dealing with the internal misery. He might lock up his emotions for a long time, focusing on his s/o and helping them through the tragedy. His own grief will spill one day though. He doesn’t cry, but he has a mini breakdown, in a way. He probably leaves home and spends a day or two out in the woods surrounding the village, trying to come to terms with what’s happened

Itachi is devastated, but he puts all time and energy into comforting his s/o. He doesn’t have time to grieve on his own, he just knows he has to be there for his s/o. He lies in bed with them every night, holding them until they fall asleep, but he gets no sleep at all. He just lies awake and thinks about the situation, quietly mourning

Shisui is an exemplary shinobi, and shinobi are taught to hide emotions and he’s always done that well, but if his s/o is crying, he’s crying too. It’s bad. He tries hard to focus on comforting them and talking them through the situation, but he can’t help it. If Shisui and his s/o were having a baby, it’s because he was ready to be a father, and it’s just heartbreaking to know he lost his baby. He ‘toughens’ up at some point though, and tries to make his way through the grief

Madara is furious. Not with his s/o, of course, but with the situation. You can find him punching a wall or something violent like that, all to stave off his anger and grief. Madara doesn’t handle grief well, in case that’s not obvious. He needs time to himself before he can tend to his s/o, or else he’s too frustrated to do any good. He’s rather silent when it comes to soothing them, but he’ll be at their side as often as possible