Madara Mr Steal Yo Girl Uchiha. Oh shit. And Hashirama sits Madara down one day and is like, “Madara you know you’re my best friend, and as a friend… I’m telling you that you have to stop” and Madara is like fine ok. Then the next night, he’s got another girl anyway

AND TOBIRAMA AHHHHHHHH Tobirama plans ahead and finds these girls that Madara is trying to finesse and tells them “He has an STD. Don’t do it. Save yourself.” 

And Madara hears this and gets pissed so now Madara wants to beat the shit out of Tobirama and Tobirama is so down to brawl at any second and Hashirama is like PLSSSSS NOOOOO. He tries to call up Izuna like “Please help me get your brother under control” And Izuna is like “Okay got it”

But Izuna goes to Madara and tells him “Yeah just beat Tobirama’s ass go for it bro tell me when you do it. I wanna be there”