thanks fam ❤ I have some Deidara ones here 


•Itachi is plagued by grim and harrowing thoughts more often than not, so he knows how difficult it can be. The only problem is, Itachi has learned to subdue any anxiety and depression he may have, and is a firm believer of the fact that you can help yourself if you really try

•Because of that, he might not be the best of help at times. Itachi definitely has a way with words, but they’re more like words of encouragement, encouraging his s/o to think of better thoughts and find ways to distract themselves

•When he sees his s/o gradually growing anxious, he quickly finds a way to dispel it by thinking of those distractions himself. He’ll suggest they go out for a walk together, or maybe ask if they want to help him out with something? Cleaning or cooking, among other things

•He always makes certain their environment is clean and peaceful. Always makes the bed in the morning if they forget, making sure they’re not isolating themselves in their room, lights candles for them sometimes? Candles can be soothing and the scents are pleasing too. He’d figure out their favorite smells and buy a shit load of candles

•First and foremost though, he makes sure they’re eating, since he knows it’s easy to forget meal times. He’ll cook food for them in his free time, if that’s the only way to ensure they find the time to eat 


•Sasuke has/still might suffer from both at times. No one was really there to help him through it, but he knows he would have liked someone to be there for him while he was having a hard time

•Mostly, he tries imagining what would have helped him when he depressed or anxious. After the massacre, he just wanted someone to calm him down. Calm his anger and pain. So he tries to do that for his s/o, even if it’s difficult at times, since Sasuke is not inclined to comfort

•It starts with little things, like making his s/o tea or taking over their daily chores. If you’re depressed, doing chores and what not isn’t going to make you feel any better, so he does laundry and cleans up the house without telling them

•He also buys them things? Sasuke is normally not the one to offer gifts, but he figures it might help. Duty calls, so he will sometimes have to leave on little missions, even though he tries to remain in the village with his s/o as often a possible. But on his way back from these excursions, he often comes back with trinkets he found along the way, like at little inns or markets he traveled through. He doesn’t know if it does anything for his s/o, but he knows they get this little smile on his face when he presents them with these gifts. So it’s worth it 

•Only thing you have to watch out for is Sasuke’s quick temper. His s/o might hit a high point in their anxiety and lash out at him for some reason. And he doesn’t respond well. He’ll either return the acerbity, or kind of abandon them. Eventually he’ll come around, it’s just a problem for Sasuke sometimes. He doesn’t handle being attacked very well. But at the end of the day, he knows he can’t completely blame them