Did some Tobirama here just recently, and I have Itachi here


•Itachi is kind of a chill father? Not the type who’s overeager or overenthusiastic, even when the baby is first born. He’s just chill

•Don’t get him wrong, he loves his child, but his eagerness is more subdued and internal. Which is a blessing for his child when they’re older, because he’s not one of those embarrassing dads. Aka not the dad who rolls down the car window and yells “Have a good day at school honey!! Love you!!!”

•Itachi is an understanding father too. He knows children can be difficult. During their teenage years especially. He’s going to be the parent his child comes to for advice, because he doesn’t judge. At most, he’ll express his disliking for something if he thinks they’ve made the wrong decision, but he’s more for giving his advice rather than chastising them

•Don’t be fooled though, Itachi is very protective of them. He would do anything for them. It’s just not in a theatrical way, if that makes sense. Like if he hears someone is bullying his child, he goes and talks to the parents of that child, making certain no one else hears about it, because that would embarrass his child probably. And if the parents get a little snippy, Itachi threatens the shit out of them. I mean maybe not threaten, but he’s intimidating when he needs to be. Lmaoo Don’t talk to me or my son ever again


•Kakashi is also a chill dad but he’s a witty dad. The dad with the jokes who makes all his kid’s friends laugh. But his kid thinks he’s soooo embarrassing. They just don’t realize how cool Kakashi is

•He tries to be his kid’s best friend tbh. He succeeds for the most part. When his kid is younger, he definitely succeeds, because he’s so fun (and childish tbh) Like he sits down and picks up their toys and plays with them, Kakashi literally knows all the names of their toys and knows all the little scenarios his kid likes to act out

•So he’s a very loving and fun dad. He knows he has to be, since he’ll be busy with work a good percentage of the time. He doesn’t want to neglect his child, so on the days he’s not busy, he focuses on them 

•Random thought but okay: Kakashi pretends to be sleeping no matter how much his little kid tries to wake him up in the morning. Jumping on him, pushing him, yelling at him, he pretends to stay asleep just to mess with them then he’ll scare them with a “BOO!”

•Bath time with his kid is always a treat. Gives them those bubble beards and bubble mohawks

•Calls them “______-chan” or “young man/young lady”. The latter especially when he’s scolding them

•I tried to be serious with Kakashi’s headcanons but I can’t wow okay let’s try

•One of the biggest talks Kakashi has with his child beside birds and the bees is about shinobi life. He’s going to let them choose whether or not they want to follow in his footsteps and be a shinobi. As the child of the Hokage (or former Hokage) and if he’s not Hokage yet, then fine, the child of the famous Kakashi of the Sharingan, that’s a lot to live up to. Kakashi has faced tragedy and hardship in his life and he needs to explain that to his child. The life of shinobi isn’t all grandeur. He wants them to know that before they make a decision. Because really, Kakashi doesn’t need his child to take after him and be a shinobi. It’s their life, Kakashi doesn’t want his fame to dictate it