•Kiba acts like he’s tough shit up until the very morning of his wedding. For weeks and weeks on end, he tells his partner all the time how good they’re gonna look when they get married, how nice he’s gonna treat them on their wedding night/honeymoon, all that jazz. But the morning of the wedding, Kiba wakes up, and throws up almost immediately

•It probably takes Kurenai or someone to calm him down, because he really can’t. He’s nervous but excited. Nervously excited. He’s confident that he won’t mess up, but he starts thinking… what if he does? 

•He practices wedding vows allll morning, if they’re having any. Tries to walk through the proper wedding procedures in his head (because during the wedding rehearsal he wasn’t paying attention tbh)

•Kiba avoids his s/o like the plague tbh. He doesn’t want to make a fool out himself, and feels like looking at his s/o will just get the butterflies in his stomach going, and he’ll do or say something stupid

•He definitely needs a pep talk before the wedding. IT WOULD BE KINDA CUTE IF HIS MAN WAS THE ONE TO DO IT. Who knows if there are traditions in the Naruto world about a groom seeing his groom before the wedding but oh well. Kiba might need reassurance from his fiancee that everything was going to work out smoothly

•And after this little encouragement, Kiba snaps back to his normal self again, swearing he was never nervous in the first place. He’ll even start joking with his partner, telling him “You still want to marry me though, right? Don’t go and get cold feet on me now”